The Truth About ‘Soul-Seeds’ And How They Can Change Your Life

The Truth About 'Soul-Seeds' And How They Can Change Your Life
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For the past couple of months, I’ve found myself thinking pretty deeply about the underestimated power of small changes – changes that are like tiny seeds planted and, after proper nourishment, receive the care and are able grow.

I began to notice minuscule things in my life that started requiring these small changes: spending habits and other little habits, certain negative mindsets I had recently developed…and so on. Even though they seemed so unimportant on the outside, I came to understand that they needed to be treated in the same way mindsets and habits are even formed in the first place – little by little, over time.

It all starts with a belief system; what I am choosing to believe in will eventually shape my lifestyle and daily thinking. I coined the term ‘soul-seeds’ because if every day I make the choice to plant these things into my mind, they will grow and transform me into the person I was created to be.

Some of the things that I’ve started doing have significantly impacted my soul already. Since becoming more of a writer and immersing myself in constant positivity, my outlook on life has taken a 180 degree turn. Not only does it improve your attitude, but you simply feel better. Now, my mind is in the position to readily remind me to have gratitude in the times that I have complaints or unthankful thoughts…because I really do have so much. When you harness the natural talents and passions you’ve been given, you step directly into your true purpose in life.

These soul-seeds will look a little different for everyone, but the results are all the same. Never take the chances you have for creating more good in your life for granted. Whether it’s donating daily to a charity of your choice with the money you’d spend on coffee, journaling daily, or reading one positive mantra every day, soul-seeds will begin to form you into someone radiant and strong. You have to believe in and learn to invest your time into these things – they will never disappoint. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Words and a restoration of worth.

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