Read This When You’ve Lost Your Way

What do you do when you become the wind? When you travel through the trees and feel the warm rays of the sun on your skin. When you soar through the clouds, starstruck by their beauty, and find endless possibilities that could manifest into your future. What do you do when you see all the wonders of the world around you close enough to reach out and touch them, but knowing the harsh reality in your heart that they’re not yours to procure?

When you’re lost, you’re like the wind, flying through time and space, moving with no rhyme or reason. When you’re lost, you become disheartened and confused, but there will always be a little piece of you that believes that one day you will finally break through and find what’s right for you. We never really know what’s best for us until we find out it wasn’t. It’s when our aspirations become shattered and fall to the floor that we realize our wishes were meant to stay as dreams, that we weren’t supposed to chase them when we’re awake. I think the most difficult concept to fathom in life is that we’re meant to be defeated; we’re designed to fall in love, then grow isolated and lonely. We’re designed to accomplish our goals and in the blink of an eye have them ripped from our arms and replaced with an elongated time of nothing.

When you’re lost, life feels like a maze; you stand there letting the tall walls surround you. You ponder the idea that there may be a greater purpose that lies beyond the puzzle but feel too drained in visualizing the mental strength it will take to get there. Losing yourself is draining; pouring your heart, soul, and mind into someone or something that results in your agony could cause destruction to your willpower and afflict your future. It causes a tornado of trials and poor decisions to wreak havoc on our lives; it’s in our sour sense of sorrow when we believe that there is nothing left beyond the realm of the torture in depression, the poison that seeks to penetrate our veins daily.

I don’t write to you to incite hope and say that in our mourning and isolation we find our true strength. I won’t say this because I know that in our darkest hour, we never acknowledge our pain as a benevolent lesson to our future. I write to you to assure you that you’re not the only one that has lost their way, that each and every one of us has driven down a weary road of heartache and disappointment—a road that will always lead to a dead end. But what I will say is that one day you will find your strength to live life through love again. One day, you will find the will to walk out of the shadows and let the light permeate your heart and your mind that will ready you to resume your journey. One day, you will look through a lens of jubilation and optimism and see how far you’ve come.

I promise you one day you will be okay, but always remember it’s okay if that day isn’t today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark