19 Reasons Boxers Are Actually The Worst Type Of Dogs To Live With

1. They hate to cuddle.

2. They have menacing eyes.

3. Just look at them!

4. Totally evil.

5. They hate napping.

6. Faking it. Whatever.

7. They take your stuff without asking.

8. Give it back, dude.

9. And they ruin all of your happy moments.

10. Yep.

11. Let’s not talk about the damage they do to your personal items.

12. Say sayonara to your car!

13. They love picking on smaller animals.

14. That means you can’t take them outside.

15. No more strolls in the park for you.

16. They won’t ever love you.

17. Worst of all, they’re ugly.

18. Really, really ugly.

19. Now who’d love a dog like this?

Please adopt a dog (and make it a boxer) from your nearest animal shelter! Love your pets. Every single one of them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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