24 People On The One Thing That Makes Someone Instantly Unattractive

When flirting, it’s important and nervewracking to try to predict what the other person is going to consider attractive and unattractive. So many of the things they might be drawn to, though, are things you never realized you were doing. I asked 24 people to spil on the things that turn potential dates into disasters. Their answers:

1. Shannon, 22

Mandals. I don’t care if it’s summer, but nobody needs to see your not-quite-bare feet in places that are not the beach or your own apartment, gentlemen.

2. Andrew, 27

I guess it applies to both girls and guys, but I hate when someone acts TOTALLY differently around me than they do around their friends. It just feels like our whole relationship is fake.

3. Morgan, 24

If you try to explain absolutely everything to me, I’m going to tune you out so fast. It’s sexy when you share something you’re into with me — it’s overkill if you talk over me and assume I don’t know about something right off the bat.

4. Jake, 23

If a girl’s clothes are too tight it is the most unflattering thing ever. Even if she’s in great shape, a pair of jeans that are too small or a shirt that’s a little too short will make her look bad.

5. Courtney, 20

Bad breath. Before you go out anywhere, just breathe into your hand. If it doesn’t smell pristine, throw a mint in there.

6. Troy, 30

You don’t have to post every single thing you do on Instagram and Facebook. If we can’t go to Burger King without you making me take a selfie with you, I’m not sticking around for long.

7. Justine, 29

Okay, this one is a little case-by-case, but if you’re just staring me down at a bar for 10+ minutes and have not come over and said hi, it’s going to feel really weird. (Even if you’re attractive.) If we’ve been making eyes at each other, then there’s a little more to play with there, but if I feel your eyes on me with no action, I’m going to ask the bartender what’s up with the creep.

8. Austin, 25

If, within the first hour that we’ve met, you’ve already mentioned two of your exes, we will never be speaking again. Good or bad, I don’t want to hear about them.

9. Cameron, 28

Saying you “don’t really do” relationships to come across as chill. Those are a lot of walls I don’t have the energy to tear down, and I’m not going to chase you.

10. Nick, 25

If your all time favorite movie is The Fault in Our Stars……….

11. Andie, 28

Not being able to go anywhere without your bros. I don’t want to be part of the frat pack, and I’m not dating all 7 of you at once. (But maybe you’re all dating each other?)

12. Timothy, 31

This may sound mean, but if your makeup looks like you’re wearing a joker mask because you didn’t blend your foundation into your skin, I can’t deal with it. How did you not notice that before you went out?

13. Delanie, 21

Eyebrows that look like you took duct tape clear across your forehead. Honestly, a unibrow would be marginally more appealing than that.

14. CC, 32

Why do girls do that thing where they pull their hair back so tight, if they raised their eyebrows blackheads would shoot out of their pores like tiny rockets? That can’t be comfortable, right?

15. Mary, 30

Looking like you’ve never found a pair of pants or a jacket that actually fit you. Go to a tailor. Get fitted. Ask the sales guy for some help, and don’t just get what the mannequin is wearing. Paying attention to that stuff really helps.

16. Aaron, 24

If you’re sloppy after two or three drinks and you insist on drinking 13 more, it’s gone from a date to babysitting.

17. Ashlee, 19

If you need to have a drink to have a good time. We can do stuff OTHER THAN getting wasted.

18. Eric, 24

I can’t handle when a girl is super loud. I guess it applies to guys as well, but does everything have to be so loud and abrasive? We can use our indoor voices.

19. Joleen, 23

So much gel that your hair might as well be a helmet. Doesn’t that hurt or break off?

20. Marc, 28

I don’t like when a girl assumes I’m going to pay for everything. I mean, I’m going to pick up the check, but you could at least offer to pay every once in a while.

21. Alice, 30

Dismissing things as being “gay.” It says more about how you perceive your masculinity than anything else, and it’s not macho.

22. Kyle, 22

I hate when girls constantly talk about how fat they are. If you’re having a bad day and you don’t feel pretty I would love to reassure you, but if all you talk about is how fat and gross you are, it’s exhausting.

23. AJ, 26

I have no problem with a girl I’m dating having guy friends, but if she’s as touchy and flirty with them as she is with me, it’s really uncomfortable.

24. Melissa, 28

Blackheads or really angry zits or ingrown shaving hairs. It looks painful, and I’m going to be more focused on asking you if you could go get that extracted rather than giving you my number. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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