This Is Why I Will Always Choose Love

I will always choose love, because love is what saved my life. Love picked the younger, heartbroken me off the floor, wiped away the flood of my salty tears, and helped me believe everything would be okay in time. Love stopped me from giving up—on myself, and on this world. Love is what continues to keep me holding on when I’m ready to let go.

I will always choose love, because love has always chosen me. Even when I couldn’t choose love for myself. Even when I thought the most cruel, hateful words to myself. Even when I spoke the unkindest words to others. Love didn’t leave. She stayed. She always stays.

I will always choose love, because what’s the alternative? Hatred? Jealousy? Anger? Revenge? Where do they take us, apart from nowhere? Love is the only thing that makes sense to me.

When we choose love, we create more love.

I will always choose love, because it feels like nothing else. Love makes the colors in the street look brighter. Love brings smiles and laughter to the saddest of places and faces. Love makes us feel like we’re carefree children again, playing timelessly in our back garden.

Love feels like that first passionate kiss, seeing a shooting star in the midnight sky, and the moment your baby is birthed and you cradle her in your arms.

Love feels like those warm summer days in July that seem to last forever, walking through a field filled with a beautiful rainbow of wild roses, and hearing rain pitter-patter down on your roof while you’re snuggled up in a blanket, toasty and safe inside.

I will always choose love, because love feels like home and the greatest adventure all at once. Love is comforting, like being wrapped in a sacred cocoon of clouds. It feels like who you’re meant to be at your very primal nature. It feels like coming home when you’ve been away for the longest time.

But it’s also like packing up your life and setting out to explore the unknown, with nothing but one small bag of your belongings on your back. You don’t know what landscapes, strangers, or moments await you ahead, but you’re ready to find out. You know there’ll be ups and downs and bumps in the road, but you’re at peace with that.

Love is never certain, nor guaranteed. We open our hearts, not fully knowing what we might be welcoming in, but we choose to stay open. Because if we don’t, we commit to spending our lives turning everything away. All of it.

I will always choose love, because I believe this is what will save us from our own destruction. When we open our hearts and reconnect to Mother Nature, our beautiful lands and vast oceans, we will start to treat her with respect again.

When we come together as a species, put aside our differences, and aim to lift everybody up instead of pushing others down, we will all rise.

When we come back into balance, honoring the feminine and the vital role she has to play here, we will create a world of harmony.

I will always choose love, because I’m a dreamer. I like to believe when others don’t. I like to believe there’s something much bigger than each of us tiny humans that continues to hold us together. I believe in the good and looking for it in the darkest of places.

I will always choose love, because I believe in it.

I believe in love.

I choose love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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