17 Signs He Really Is Just An Asshole And You Should GTFO

1. He fails to text you back within 24 hours. No one is that busy. If someone likes you, they’ll find the time to keep a conversation going with you.

2. He is selfish in bed. Maybe he expects you to go down, but never returns the favor? Maybe he always finishes first, then rolls over and goes to sleep, without you getting yours? Whatever it is that has you feeling this way, you deserve better.

3. He can’t answer a simple question with a direct response. Anytime you try and gain some kind of clarity from him on your relationship or the future, he squirms his way out of it like a politician, and you always walk away empty handed.

4. His behavior always has you second guessing what his true feelings are towards you. You’re usually a confident, sure of yourself kinda woman, but this guy is messing with your head and you can feel it.

5. He expects you to drop all your plans to meet him at the time and place he suggests. As if you haven’t got a life of your own.

6. Whenever you get upset and it’s because of something he said or did, he’ll say he’s sorry you’re feeling upset, but he won’t accept an ounce of responsibility for it. He’ll twist things around to make you feel like it’s actually your fault that your tears and snot are streaming into your pillow.

7. He places all of the blame for the end of his past relationship on his ex, and he doesn’t have a kind word to say about her.

8. He doesn’t want to hear about how you’re feeling. Ever. 

9. He makes sexist comments and/or jokes, doesn’t understand why you’re glaring at him, and will not take them back.

10. He prioritizes his friends and “guy time” over you, and refuses to ever give up his Friday or Saturday night to be with you. Basically, he’s stuck in college frat mode, and prefers drinking beer and playing video games to having a grown-up relationship with a woman.

11. He doesn’t ever introduce you as his girlfriend when you meet his family/friends/total strangers, even though you have been together for months, or worse, years.

12. He makes little digs at your career and your dreams and tells you to be more realistic. I think you should take his advice and be more realistic when it comes to this guy. He’s clearly just an asshole who isn’t worth your time.

13. He doesn’t like your family (the feeling is mutual though) and makes no effort to see them, even though you’ve repeatedly told him how much it would mean to you if he extended an olive branch out halfway.

14. He makes sure you know how great he is at his job, and how much money he earns on a regular basis. And you know he’d have a semi-heart attack if you ever got a promotion and started making more money than him.

15. He doesn’t listen to a damn word you say. He still has no idea who you really are, what your passions are, and what makes you tick. Most of the time he’s too busy talking about himself.

16. He expects you to do the majority of the cooking and cleaning in the house you share and wait on him hand and foot. Guess what buddy? It’s 20-fucking-18, and it’s time you crawled out of your man cave.

17. When you ask him how his day was, and he proceeds to spend the next 15 minutes talking about it in detail, and then just stops talking, without even thinking to ask you how yours was. Or maybe the thought crossed his mind, but he wasn’t that interested.

Either way, he has got to go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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