This Is For You On The Days When You Feel Unloved

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On the days when you feel unloved, remember that you are worthy of love. Don’t shake your head at me. You are. Even when you feel at your lowest. Even when you can’t quite remember what it feels like to experience love in its purest, unconditional form. You are deserving of a person to talk to on the other end of the phone, a comforting hand to squeeze as you cross a busy road, and the biggest bear hug when you just need someone to quietly let you know everything’s gonna be okay. You are worthy of coming home to the face of someone who adores the bones of you at the end of each day, someone to bear some of the weight of your deepest fears alongside you, and someone who you trust to catch you should you ever fall.

On the days when you feel unloved, remember that you are loveable. You are not broken, and you do not need to be fixed. You are flawed, but you are still a good human. You’re doing the best you can, battling with your own demons, and that’s all any of us can hope to do. Your flaws and imperfections are loveable. Your mood swings, your fiery temper, and your clumsiness are loveable. Your mistakes and your mess ups are only helping you to grow into a stronger, wiser you today than you were the day before. They do not break you – they cleanse you. And no matter how many more you continue to make, I promise you are still loveable.

On the days when you feel unloved, I want you to know that void you feel deep within you that aches to be filled, can only truly be filled up by you. So love yourself like you mean it. Love yourself when you’re utterly alone in the darkness, desperately searching for the light. Love yourself when those salty tears are cascading down your face, and you’re not sure how to make them stop. Love yourself through all of your highs, and your lowest of lows. On the days when you feel unloved, I want you to know that you will be your own saviour.

On the days when you feel unloved, whatever you do, please don’t switch off your heart source. Don’t climb further and further down the rabbit hole, because the further you go the harder it’ll be to clamber your way back out. Don’t let your love run dry. Do you best to keep your soul river flowing with beauty, wonder, and magic. Continue to shower your love and affection on your world, without keeping score of what you’re getting back in return. Because love doesn’t work this way. The more love you offer out, the more you will receive back, but in the most unexpected and miraculous of moments.

On the days when you feel unloved, know that love will never ever give up on you. Love will never fail. Love will never give up. Love will never run out on you. Love will always be there.

On the days when you feel unloved, please know that you are loved. You are cherished. You are adored. 

This is for you on the days when you feel unloved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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