This Is Why Introverts Make The Best Friends

Priscilla Du Preez

We’ll listen to you attentively.

In a world that can’t stop talking, it’s refreshing to have somebody in your life who is genuinely interested in what you have to say. We’ll listen without interrupting, and we’ll remember what you’ve said long after today – because we’re awesome like that.

We’ll keep all of your secrets.

Us introverts will always respect your personal boundaries and be 100% genuine in our actions and words. We’re not the gossipy type because we have zero interest in small talk and getting attention.

We’ll always respect your opinion even if we disagree.

One of the reasons why we listen so intently is because we’re interested in your unique perspective on things, so that we can try to understand where you’re coming from.

You’ll feel completely at ease and valued sharing your thoughts with us because we’re willing and open to hear them.

Our words carry deep meaning.

Introverts filter and think carefully before they speak, whereas extroverts are great at making things up as they go along, mindlessly blurting things out.

This means you’re guaranteed to find depth, balance and a lot of wisdom in our words. When we do speak it’s because we have something important and valuable to say, which means we also give some of the BEST advice.

We’re not needy.

We would never demand that you spend time with us because we’re perfectly content spending time on our own – in fact, we need that precious alone time often.

You’ll have the BEST nights in with us.

We won’t ever judge you if you want to skip that party tonight to do something low key instead, and just hang out together at home (probably with pizza).

But we’re also the best person to party with.

We don’t crave being the centre of attention, so it’s all yours for the taking.

When we’re in the right mood to socialise, we’ll be a tonne of fun to party with too.

And whenever you’re ready to bounce, we’ll be ready to go with you. Chances are we’d been wanting to leave hours ago anyway…

We’ll teach you to be more independent.

Our love for alone time is bound to rub off on you eventually. Soon you’ll be dining out for one, taking solo vacation trips to explore the world, and learning to deeply enjoy your own company.

In a nutshell, we’ll help you see how fabulous you are.

We’re incredibly loyal.

It takes us a while before we feel comfortable with anybody new, which means our friendship will have built up and strengthened over many years. But once we decide we like you, we’ll have your back for life.

We’ll always have time for you.

As introverts, we’re happier with a small group of trusted friends rather than hundreds of people we’re only kinda sorta friendly with. This means that there’s plenty of room in our schedules to hang out with you whenever you’re in need – we promise to always be there for you come rain or shine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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