If He Goes Out Of His Way To Do These 20 Things, He’s A Guy You Should Never Lose

Brandon Woelfel

1. He calls you on the phone every day.

Because he wants to hear the sweet sound of your voice, and he knows you appreciate it so much more than a quick-fire text.

2. Sends you messages when you’re apart, just to let you know he’s thinking of you.

Because he genuinely is thinking of you, and wants to make sure you know how much he cares.

3. Treats you to your favorite candy bar, just because.

And we all know the power chocolate has to make our hearts happy.

4. Compliments you when you feel least attractive.

So that you know he is attracted to more than just your looks.

5. He always asks you how your day was.

Because he wasn’t there and he wants to know that you had a great one. And if you didn’t, he’ll make it his mission to turn it around.

6. Randomly reaches for your hand just so he can feel close to you.

And small, intimate gestures like this sometimes feel way better than sex.

7. Comforts you when you’re feeling down, and always manages to lift your spirits back up.

We all need someone like this in our life, so if he happens to be your partner too then you’ve lucked out.

8. Visits your family regularly (even if they don’t see eye to eye).

Because he knows how much it means to you, so he’s willing to do it despite his own possible feelings of discomfort.

9. Makes sure you’re never cold.

Even if turning the heat up makes him feel roasting hot or giving you his jacket means he’s shivering in the cold – as long as you’re taken care of, that’s all the matters.

10. Takes a genuine interest in your passions, even if he doesn’t understand them.

He actively discusses your hobbies and loves with you because he realizes they are a huge part of who you are and what makes you tick. He wants to step inside your mind, not just your body.

11. Never goes to bed without saying goodnight to you.

No matter where the two of you may be, he always says good night because he knows the little things like this are really the big things. And if he’s being honest, he can’t sleep until he’s touched bases with you to make sure you’re alright.

12. He’s always the one to apologize first when you have a fight.

Even when it’s totally not his fault. He hates arguing with you and never wants to see you upset.

13. Speaks openly with you about the future.

He’s not afraid to talk about the future and your place within it because he is 100% committed to this relationship.

14. Answers any question you ask him with honesty.

Even when he knows it’s not what you’re hoping to hear, he will be as honest as he can while doing his best not to hurt your feelings. Because he knows that in the long run, the truth is always best.

15. He makes time for you every day.

No matter how busy he might be he always allows room for quality time with you in his hectic schedule. Because everyone is busy but we make time for the things and people who are important to us.

16. Reassures you whenever you’re worried.

He knows how you tend to be over-anxious about the smallest of situations, and work yourself up to the point where you reach panic central. But he knows just what to say to calm you down and help you regain perspective.

17. Takes all of your problems on as his own.

Because the two of you are a team, and you’re only ever doing as well as the other person is.

18. Gives you your own space when you need it.

He understands you have a healthy, happy life outside of him and he recognizes the importance of alone time for you both to reflect and rejuvenate.

19. Cheers you on, no matter how small the win.

He’s the person you tell first when anything good happens to you, because you know he’s always happy and proud of every single one of your achievements.

20. Stands up for you when no one else does.

Even when you’re not around you know he’s got your back and will defend you until you give him a solid reason not to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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