If You're Looking For A Forever Kind Of Love, Date A Guy Like This

If You’re Looking For A Forever Kind Of Love, Date A Guy Like This

If you’re looking for a forever kind of love, date a guy who actually wants to date you.

A guy who doesn’t send you pictures of his dick before you’ve even met. A guy who asks for your number, calls you on the phone, then picks you up and takes you out. A guy who goes out of his way to plan something fun for the both of you to do, and isn’t plotting how to get you back to his place after.

Date a guy who doesn’t kiss on first dates. Someone who walks you back to your front door to make sure you’re safe and then warmly hugs you goodbye. Someone who wants to take things slowly because he’s playing the long game.

Date a guy who makes you laugh. A real belly laugh that makes your sides hurt – the added escape of snorts or streaming tears are all a bonus. Because looks fade really fast, but the way someone makes you feel will last forever.

Date a guy who truly wants to get to know you. The real, un-filtered you. Someone who wants to discover what gives you those fluttering butterflies in the pit of your stomach, and what sets your soul alight. And someone who wants to know the exact amount of sugar to put in your tea in the mornings, and if you like PB & J sandwiches as much as he does.

Date a guy who lets you have the last slice of cake. Because he’s generous, he’s selfless, and he wants nothing more than to see you smile, knowing that in this moment he is the source of your happiness.

Date a guy who gives you his time. A guy who gives you his undivided attention whenever you’re together. Someone who keeps their eyes locked on you because you are enough. Someone who is all chips in on your relationship because he’s the kind of person who always gives his all to everything.

Date a guy who makes an effort with your loved ones. Someone who goes to dinner with your parents and is nothing but polite and friendly, even if they occasionally get on his nerves. Someone who genuinely wants to get to know your best friend, because he knows how much they mean to you.

Date a guy who is always honest. A guy who will answer every question you have without hesitation. A guy who is careful with your feelings but will always give you his truth, even when it might sting a little. Because he knows that lies are toxic and has witnessed how they devastate and kill trust.

Date a guy who says sorry first even when you’re the one who caused the fight. Because he doesn’t care who was in the wrong, all he wants is to make it right again. And he’d never dream of letting you go to bed mad at each other.

Date a guy who is your biggest cheerleader, but always challenges you to be better. Because he sees how far you have the capacity to grow. And he wants to the world to see all of the magic and beauty he sees within your heart.

If you’re looking for a forever kind of love, remember that forever scares a lot of us. So be sure to date a guy who’s looking for forever too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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