11 Reminders For The Ones Afraid They’ll Never Find True Love

Warren Wong

1. 7,402,264,042.

At this moment, there are more than seven billion people in this beautiful world. Chances are at least one of them will be your lobster. Never forget that the odds are in your favour. Trust that the universe wants you to fall in love.

2. You can be whole on your own.

No one possesses the power to complete you. You might think that a part of you is missing, a part that cannot be filled without an external source of love, but this is simply not the case. You are already whole. And the endless river of love born inside of you will never run dry.

3. External love will come and go.

You’ll date a few people or maybe you’ll date a tonne. You’ll develop feelings and maybe you’ll even fall in love. But it’s not guaranteed to last forever. Nothing is, apart from the love that already lives inside of you.

4. It’s never too late.

True love wears no expiration date. ‘Best Before Dec 2020’ is merely a date you’ve imposed on yourself. The truth is, you might not find your true love at 25. You still might not find them at 35. And that’s okay. Because maybe one of your hearts is simply not ready for the other’s just yet.

5. Love cannot fix anything.

It won’t make all your worries magically vanish into thin air. It won’t heal your broken heart. And neither will it make you feel worthy. That’s all on you. You are meant to be your own superhero. Love is simply a bonus.

6. You’re allowed to be the love of your own life.

If you’re tired of waiting around putting yourself out there, only to still find yourself coming up empty – it’s okay to start being the love you’re hoping to find. It’s okay to love yourself, in fact it’s all kinds of wonderful. We all need to feel loved.

7. Let go of the past.

Maybe you’ve always found yourself in the friend zone, maybe you keep chasing after the wrong person, or maybe someone left you scarred. It’s important to leave the past where it belongs and continue to look forward – otherwise you might miss what’s standing right in front of you.

8. Love is not a race.

So what if everyone around you is coupling up or settling down? Love is all about the long game. It’s not about finding someone as quickly as you can so you can stick a meaningless label on yourself. Love is about discovering the one who’s right for you.

9. Focus on what you love.

Devote your time and energy to all the things that light you up. Find a job you love, lose that extra ten pounds that’s bugging you, take an art class – whatever you do, be sure to make every single one of your days count. Fill them with happiness. Because the happier you are on the inside, the happier you’ll look on the outside – and the more other people will be magnetically drawn towards your positive energy.

10. Open your heart.

Real love is about being vulnerable and open to the possibility of it. It’s about letting your guard down, and allowing someone all the way in even when it’s hard. Even when your head is warning you against it because of all the times you’ve been hurt and let down before. You can’t love with a closed heart.

11. Remember: someone out there is waiting to meet someone just like you.

You might be struggling to believe it, but somewhere someone is smiling at the mere possibility of you. Good things take time. After all, it took a long-ass time for chocolate and hazelnut to finally get it on and make Nutella. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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