Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Who Fights For You

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Stay single.

Explore and wander this beautiful world on your own.

Keep your heart for yourself. Cherish the bones of you. Enjoy these precious lone moments while you’re lucky enough to have them.

Realise your worth. And never settle.

Stay single.

Don’t think you have to say yes, when what you truly want is to say no. Because there will always be more chances ahead to say yes.

Even when you’re afraid that this is as good as it will get for you. Stay single. Even when those voices in the back of your head are whispering, you won’t meet anyone who treats you better than this.

Stay single.

Until you meet the one who’s going to squash all your doubts in a heartbeat.

Someone who’s going to stand up and fight.

Someone who realises this is a battle without an ending in sight, and that they are required to show up on guard at all times.

Someone who will fight for you on a Friday night, when you’re twenty-somethings drunk in the club without a care in the world.

Someone who will still fight for you on a Monday morning, when your bodies and minds have grown older, the outside world beckons, and responsibilities rest heavy on your shoulders.

Stay single.

Until you meet someone who will ferociously guard your heart with the entirety of theirs.

Someone who will wake up each day and do everything in their power to love you louder than the day before.

Someone who will make it clear they’re not going to disappear, and who won’t disappear.

Someone who has your back no matter how difficult, troubling or all-consuming the situation.

Someone who’s even not afraid to call your family out should they ever mistreat you.

Someone who willingly takes on your pain as theirs, so they can help you fight your way through to the other side.

Someone who you can count on to still be there fighting for you, even when you’ve begun to lose all hope.

Stay single.

Until you meet someone who won’t give up when things get a little tough, which they inevitably will.

Someone who says they’ll be there for you, and never fails to show up.

Someone who will stand by your side when everyone else walks away.

Someone who won’t let go of your hand, even when you tell him you’re going to jump.

Someone who will grip your hand even tighter.

Someone who recognises just how lucky they were to cross paths with someone like you, and they’ll be damned if they ever foolishly let you slip through their fingers.

Someone who makes it clear they’re going to be there for you whenever, forever.

Stay single. Until you meet someone like this.

Someone who’s going to fight for you like you’re someone worth fighting for.
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