The 6 Types Of Single Women

1. The free spirit.

Gossip Girl

This girl got out of a toxic relationship and feels a sense of calmness, relief and stability. She does lots of yoga and frequently posts inspirational quotes on her Pinterest wall.

2. The hot mess.

Jersey Shore

This girl also just got out of a relationship–but it probably wasn’t her choice. She’s your local bar star and her Instagram is 98% duck-faced bathroom selfies.

3. The serial dater.

Sex and the City

She’s a glass-half-full kinda gal. She always gives people the benefit of the doubt, hoping each man she meets will be better than the last, and relentlessly tries to mould men into her concept of a perfect partner. It always fails.

4. The online single.

He’s Just Not That Into You

She’s the girl who will never approach the cute man she sees at the coffee shop every morning, but instead spends hours primping herself for a new Tinder profile pic. Because husbands can only be found by trolling the Internet.

5. The lonely soul.


This girl has been single for a long stretch, but does not enjoy it. She tells people she has given up on men, but secretly Googles pear-shaped diamond rings at 2 o’clock in the morning while listening to her Celine Dion playlist on repeat.

6. The couch potato.

Eat Pray Love

This is the girl who has been single for long enough to enjoy nothing more than her own company. She regularly indulges in self-deprecating activities like ordering Chinese takeout and catching up on The Wire on a Friday night. Alone. And in sweatpants. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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