7 Things To Do Before You Turn 23


1. Get your first full-time forever job. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction in earning a salary, buying dishes at HomeSense and owning furniture that isn’t from IKEA.

2. Learn how to drink like a human being. Now that you’ve graduated college, please stop double fisting. Chugging beers and downing shots does not count as a casual drink with your 30-something coworkers.

3. Get a tattoo you’ll probably regret with your best friend. It’s part of the journey.

4. Fall in love. And I mean that crazy, can’t-live-without-eachother kind of love. The kind that shakes you to your core and changes everything you ever thought love would be like. The love that makes you want to plan your dream wedding, pick baby names and choose wallpaper for the home you’ll make together.

5. Get your heart broken. And I mean the earth-shattering kind of heartbreak that even a bottle of red and Toni Braxton can’t fix. Your best friends are named Ben and Jerry and you spend nights on end wondering if he was ‘the one.’

6. Move thousands of miles away from your home. The change of scenery forces you to learn how to accomplish grown-up tasks like grocery shopping and booking Pap tests.

7. Make friends with your parents. Being in that place in your life where they don’t pay your rent or take you to dentist appointments is really wonderful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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