An Open Letter To The Woman Who Loves But Isn’t Loved In Return

If he doesn’t chat with you, don’t chat with him.
If he doesn’t talk to you, don’t talk to him.
If he doesn’t care for you, don’t care for him.
If he doesn’t tell you he loves you, don’t tell him you love him.
If he doesn’t really love you then stop loving him.
If you feel he loves someone else, just let him go. You don’t deserve him.
He will never love you back the way you want him to. Because it turns out he doesn’t like your laugh. He doesn’t like the way you dress. He doesn’t enjoy your company. He doesn’t want you. He doesn’t like you. He will never love you. Ever. He’s ambitious and he aims for the best. He wants his 100%. But you’re not it. You’re not even close.

You know what, lady?
I know, you love to give the love that you thought was never reciprocated. You’re the greatest loss anyone could ever find. You’ve never been the type of sweetness you’d like among the sweetie-sweets. You’re maybe not the strong girl yet she has “I cans” to be the bravest. You always tend to be typical, living the kitchen-sink life you have, you might be careless but you see the goodness in everyone. You who know what love was, is, and will be. You who brings out the best even in worst of the worsts. You’re changed but you never get tired. You’ve always been there. You are and forever will be. 

But, lady, eventually… You too will learn that you’re the right one not for him, but for someone else. You’ll learn that your true one is on his way. You’ll learn that your true one will know. You will both know. And he will love you back. Far more than you have ever dreamed. And will make you forget that you were ever capable of being hurt. He will make you remember that you’re worth keeping. That you are worth loving. That you are his true one, too. 

To you, lady, you deserve a man who wants to be with you, a man who loves you the way you do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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