10 Ways He’s Trying To Show He’s Into You That You’re Totally Unaware Of

Twenty20 / marishkakuroedova
Twenty20 / marishkakuroedova

No one likes being shut down. That’s why it’s vital to recognize the signs that a guy is actually into you before you act. If you don’t know how he feels, then the chances are much higher that you’ll miscalculate and end up embarrassing yourself, and that’s no fun at all.

Instead of going with your gut or just hoping for the best, check out the followings signs he wants you. If you’ve seen several of these, you’re probably in good standing to score that date— or possibly even that long-term relationship you’re hoping for:

1. There’s eye contact, and lots of it.

Nothing says “I’m into you” like eye contact. Although good eye contact is the mark of a solid business relationship, friendship and family tie, prolonged eye contact is usually reserved for the people we’re romantically interested in.

Therefore, if he’s always looking you in the eyes for long periods of time, you can feel safe reading it as a sign he wants you.

2. He blushes whenever you’re around.

This one’s a dead giveaway, girls. If the object of your desire blushes easily when you’re around, seems to stumble on his words, looks shy or otherwise appears nervous, chances are awesome that he’s into you!

However, before counting on this sign he wants you alone, do a thorough survey of the situation. When this happens, is your cute friend also there? Is he this way with everyone? Do you only see him in front of lots of other people, which might mean he’s embarrassed rather than happy? Be honest and don’t give yourself false hope where there isn’t any.

3. He always starts up a conversation.

Does he frequently try to engage you in idle chatter or deep talk? That’s a healthy sign he wants you. Science has proven that the more you talk to someone about real subjects that interest you both, the more likely you are to fall in love, so don’t hold back!

4. You can see his smile from a mile away.

He definitely wants you if he’s smiling all the time (and he’ll naturally be smiling if you use the tips from here!) Guys and girls alike tend to smile with their mouths closed when they’re just being polite.

On the other hand, if you see a large, open grin that reveals lots of teeth — especially if it’s accompanied by laughter or complements — then your guy may have the hots for you too.

5. You’re the only target for his flirtatious gestures.

As far as a sign he wants you, flirting with you and you alone is about as good as it gets. Beware that flirting on its own is not enough of a signal; lots of guys are incurable flirts and will engage in such behavior with many ladies.

If you notice his behavior is markedly different around you, though, then it could be he wants to make you his. If you really can’t tell whether he’s acting different around you or others, have a friend or colleague subtly monitor and report back. Sometimes you just need a little help, you know?

6. He leans in towards you.

One of the most obvious signs he wants you is moving into your personal space. People naturally and intentionally keep a bubble around themselves with most people they’re not that close to.
If he’s interested enough to give up his bubble and make inroads on yours, then there’s a good chance he is into you.

Examples of this include leaning toward you a lot in class, slouching over your workstation at the office, or dipping his head down to yours when you’re walking or chatting.

7. He tries to find activities you both can enjoy.

If your hoped-for guy seems to go out of his way to find hobbies or past times that interest you both, he could be vetting you for relationship material.

Especially if he finds out about your interests and then remembers them, such as bringing up your favorite band, asking you on a hike with friends and sharing recipes with you because he knows you like to cook.

If he does this, you can probably feel safe going for it.

8. If you spend time with other guys, he gets jealous.

Jealousy is a surefire sign he has romantic feelings toward you, otherwise he wouldn’t care who you spend time with or how they act around you.

If he is acting jealous or sad when you spend time with other guys (or possibly just other people), chances are good you can make him yours. Be careful, though: a guy who gets jealous easily may not always make the best romantic partner.

9. He’s oh-so-friendly in so many little ways.

It might seem like mere friendliness, but if his sweet intentions crop up over and over again, that’s a definitely sign he wants you. Little notes at work, an extra coffee for you or a walk to your subway entrance are all signs to watch for.

10. He goes out of his way to see you.

If your love interest seems to constantly “happen” to be where you are, it’s a definite sign he wants you. Whether he shows up on your usual walking route, on your way to school or work or the bus stop, near your lunch table in the cafeteria or your favorite café … it doesn’t matter.

If you see him there again and again, there’s a good chance he’s there for you. Of course, it’s wise to make sure he doesn’t just happen to share your route or habits, otherwise things could get embarrassing.

A final caveat: If you’re seeing many of these signs put together, then that is a major sign that he wants you. However, if you only see one or two, be careful not to get your hopes up.

If he’s really into you, you’ll probably notice more. And if you want to build sexual tension and cause him to fall in love with you, then you may want to use some of these sneaky, but powerful techniques from my instructional video on talking dirty to your man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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