No Matter What You Do, Don’t Call The Number On The Wall Of The Bar Bathroom

Dani came down the stairs wearing the same scrubs and moved over to the button. “Okay Candi, I’m watching if he steps out of line I’ll fry his ass.”

I moved to the back of the cage. Candice opened the door and tossed me a blanket. She then proceeded to hand me a plastic disposable urinal and a bedpan. She backed away from the entrance.

“Good Boy. If you behave, we’ll change your urinal and bedpan once a day. If you misbehave I’ll make you drink them both. Understand?”

I guess I didn’t nod fast enough because Dani pressed the button and shouted, “Do you fucking understand?”

She released the button and I quickly shouted, “Christ! Yes, I understand! Why are you doing this?”

She pressed the button again saying, “Because you deserve this.”

They both ascended the stairs and I relieved myself with the urinal and wrapped myself in the blanket. The sun had gone from shining through the dingy basement window to being much higher in the sky when the door opened again. A woman in denim jeans descended the stairs and walked over to my cage saying, “Okay Blake. I’m going to let you out of the cage. But first, we’re going to put a collar on you. Nod if you understand.”

I nodded. Jenny walked over and flipped down a slot on the door of the cage.

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