20 Little Reminders All 20 Year-Olds Should Tell Themselves More Often

Ariel Lustre

To be honest, I felt really excited to be turning 20. Finally, I’m no longer a “teenager” in people’s eyes. I’m no longer that baby girl everyone thinks I am (although sometimes it’s not a bad thing) but, finally, I’m one step closer to independence!

I’m sure there will be days when I’ll still feel stuck between being a bratty teen, and being a mature young lady. There’ll be days when I’d start to question my actions… “Am I going against the norm?” “Am I acting appropriately my age?” or maybe “Am I making the right decisions for my age?”

There’ll be age expectations, for sure.

But if there’s anything I’d need to remind myself, it’s these:

1. You don’t need people’s validation. Go be you and do whatever makes you happy.

2. Live as spontaneous as you can be. Push yourself until you no longer see the border separating you from your dreams.

3. Don’t stop fighting for things that matter… even if you think no one’s listening. Because trust me, there are people listening and you’re making a change.

4. Travel as much and as far as you can. Escape and be fearless, babe.

5. You’re a strong woman and you’re capable of doing anything.

6. Life isn’t easy, and people won’t make it easier for you. But you have to adjust your sails according to the wind.

7. Work hard today and even harder tomorrow. Nothing good worth it comes easy. You have to work your ass for it.

8. Allow yourself to fall in love again. I know you got heartbroken once, twice, but I don’t see any reason why you should be scared to love again.

9. When you think nothing’s coming your way, don’t quit. Remember, “His will, His way, my faith.”

10. Mingle with as many people as you can. But remember, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have. What matters is, whom can you rely on?

11. Be kind to everyone. I know judging people is easy and normal, but enough of it. What good do you gain out of it anyways?

12. Keep learning. Don’t stop feeding your mind with knowledge.

13. Fend of negativity. Who needs it anyway?

14. Pray more, honey. Strength doesn’t come from you alone.

15. Keep doing what you love. And if that’s not what you see yourself doing in the long run, it’s okay. Cherish it, because in everything, there’s always something to learn from.

16. You don’t always have to play by the rules. Like what Simon Sinek had said once, as long as you’re not stepping on anybody, do what you’ve got to do to get what you want. Either you focus on how to get it, or the things that’ll prevent you from achieving it. Your choice.

17. I know it’ll get hard sometimes, but always be grateful for what you have. There are a lot more people out there who have it worse. But see, they’re still smiling

18. Don’t let fear stop you from doing great things. The first step will always be the hardest, but I know you can do it.

19. Chin up, honey. You’re beautiful whether with makeup on or none, whether you’re a size 0 or not.

20. When life gets tough, remember what Dory said – Keep swimming. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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