What Your Workout Clothes Say About You


1. Head-To-Toe Lululemon Says:

  1. I drove past Target, TJ Maxx, Dicks Sporting Goods, Nike Outlet Store, Under Armour Outlet Store, Reebok Outlet Store, Adidas Outlet Store, New Balance, then walked into the mall and walked right past Footlocker, Lady Footlocker, Champs, Famous Footwear, Sports Authority and Finish Line to buy these clothes.
  2. I will only shop at J.Crew
  3. I light multiple candles every single night when I get home
  4. Everything in my apartment is white
  5. I had a salad for lunch
  6. I do anything Pinterest tells me to do
  7. My dog is white, fluffy and most importantly, hypoallergenic

2. All Neon Everything Says:

  1. I have to wear this, or I won’t go to the gym
  2. If I skip the gym, at least I will still look good in these clothes at happy hour
  3. I have a spray tan membership
  4. I never go to the gym alone
  5. I had to remove the tags from everything on my body for this workout today
  6. I wish it was Summer all year round
  7. I use an enormous amount of emojis
  8. I checked in on foursquare, facebook and twitter

3. Working Out With Your Hair Down Says:

  1. I am a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
  2. I’m doing yoga today
  3. I’m insane
  4. I like the feeling of wet noodles slathered all over my shoulders
  5. I used a sunshine sticker in my planner today
  6. I ordered a White Zin at dinner last night
  7. Is this tuna I’m eating or is this chicken?

4. What Shorts And A T-Shirt Says:

  1. I played high school soccer
  2. I come here a lot
  3. I am who you are dying to be in your after picture
  4. I have had these shorts since freshman year of high school
  5. Six races ago, I got this shirt free from a 10k
  6. You shouldn’t get on the treadmill next to me, I’ll embarrass you
  7. I wear headphones while riding in my car
  8. I don’t do Zumba
  9. You will see this run on instagram via Nike App. You will tell me great job, but really want to kill me
  10. I take 1-2 selfies a day showing off my abs

5. Wearing Toning Shoes Says:

  1. You can find me walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes at a 2.0 pace
  2. I have tube socks on
  3. I purchased multiple ab rollers over the years.
  4. I work out at Curves
  5. I am on Atkins // Jenny Craig // Weight Watchers // Zone Diet // Nutrisystem
  6. I had pizza and three cupcakes for lunch
  7. I drink Diet Coke all day long
  8. I watch Dancing with the Stars
  9. I’m 5 foot 3

6. Wearing Cut-Up T-Shirts Says:

  1. I have 16 DIY Dipped Glitter Projects in limbo
  2. I have no idea what to do with the 467 Sorority Shirts from college
  3. I’m not going anywhere near the gym, I made this to sleep in
  4. I asked for gift certificates to the container store for Christmas
  5. I pin a lot of Grumpy Cat
  6. I follow 988 blogs on Bloglovin
  7. I have a monogram on my iphone case
  8. I am a newlywed
  9. I just poured a glass of wine
  10. I have every season of the Bachelor recorded on my DVR and refuse to delete it.

7. Wearing Class Themed Workout Gear Says:

  1. I went to the teacher’s office hours in college
  2. I am a hoarder
  3. You will get behind me thinking I’m an expert at this class, but I’m actually worse than you are
  4. I go the opposite direction of everyone else during Zumba
  5. I give high fives to my neighbors
  6. When I say “Are You Ready to Sweat?” and you don’t say “YES!!!” loud enough,
  7. I make you say it again, only this time like you mean it.
  8. I’m Facebook friends with the instructor
  9. I practice the dances in the mirror right before class starts

8. Wearing Workout Accessories Says:

  1. I will be leaving this class halfway through
  2. I came in late
  3. I am wearing only a sports bra and bike shorts
  4. I am pale
  5. I did not shave my armpits
  6. My calves look like upside down bowling pins
  7. I carried in a oversized adidas duffle bag, even though I came fully dressed in gym attire
  8. I am the naked lady walking around in the locker room
  9. I change into Birkenstocks when I leave
  10. I am a women’s rights activist. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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