Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On How You Love

In Ancient Greece, there are six different types of noted love and there are different types of people that show these six different types of love. As a girlfriend, you can show different kinds of love and we all do. Some are easier to explain than others, so let’s just jump right in, shall we?


Which represents a sexual passion and desire.

As a girlfriend… well, let’s just say that your boyfriend is a lucky lucky man if he’s into the physical type of love if you know what I’m saying. Your love is fiery and passionate and your relationships are full of desire and lust. You can’t keep your hands off your man (or woman). You can’t keep your thoughts away from your significant other. You can’t keep your thoughts clean either. You just want that person more and more, and you can’t get enough of them, their body to be specific. You can’t pull yourself away from them or off of them and everything goes red, your mind wanders to the feeling of their warm body against yours, the heat between the two of you, the sweat dripping down both of your bodies as you push and grind against one another until the ultimate climax, then panting. Gasping. Lying next to one another trying to pull in every part of that person. You want them more and more. That’s all you can think of. They’re all you ever want.


Which represents loyalty and friendship.

You sacrifice. You share emotions with them. You tell them everything. They’re your best friend. Again, you can’t get enough of them. You want to know everything about them, and have them know everything about you. Again, it’s very passionate. You have a very passionate and emotional relationship with your significant other. You’re always there for them, they’re always there for you, and you would give up anything in the universe just to see a smile on their face. You would give up everything just to make sure that they were happy, that they knew that they were loved and safe. That they knew that you loved them, and they’re your best friend.


Which is the playful love.

I envision it as more of a flirtatious kind of love. You’re flirting, you’re playing around. You’re silly and funny and jumpy and you love your person, you love your significant other the way a child loves their best friend. You’re the sweet, silly, sit on the lap and kind of possessive type of girlfriend. You need people to know that that human is YOUR human. You’re the type of girlfriend that just loves to be with the person you’re with and go on adventures. You want to run around and play and go to festivals, dances, events where it’s just the two of you against the world. Just like when you were little kids.


Which is love for all.

You’re the kind of girlfriend that just wants to see happiness in all. You would give yourself up for everyone. You would give yourself up for anything. You would give yourself up to make everyone else happy. That’s all that matters to you is happiness in all. Writer C.S. Lewis referred to it as “gift love”. You are giving people the gift of love. You give your love freely, you give second chances over and over, whether they’re deserved or not, and often times they’re not. You’re the kind of girlfriend that’s forgiving, compassionate, sweet, and often times you’re too giving. You’re too good for what you put up with, but you put up with it anyway because you believe that everyone deserves love.


Which is longstanding love.

If this is the way you love, you are in it for the long haul. This is the way that your family loves, a married couple loves. You’re in it for good. You’re in it for a way that no one can love but you. You’re in it for good. There’s nothing that can stand in the way of your love of your significant other. There’s no way that you’ll ever stop loving the love of this person. It’s the love of your life.


Which is the love of oneself.

If you’re this type of girlfriend, things could go one of two ways. You could either love yourself in a way that’s so narcissistic that there isn’t room in your life for anyone but yourself, or you could love yourself just enough that you could love someone better. Everyone needs to love themselves before they can love anyone else, but they can’t love someone if there’s only enough room to love themselves.

Remember, as a girlfriend, you always need to love yourself first. My opinion is that philautia is the best kind of love and the most important kind of love but you need to leave room to love your significant other. Any of these types are an amazing kind of love, and your other is lucky to have you in any way. Love is a beautiful thing, and it always will be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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