6 Reasons Why Your Co-Workers Are The Best Friends You’ll Have In Your Twenties

When you spend 8 hours every day with the same group of people, friendships are bound to form. Although you probably wouldn’t consider every single person in your office your BFF, having a solid work squad will make those Monday mornings slightly more bearable. Here are 6 reasons to appreciate your co-workers:


1. They will always be down for happy hour.

Obviously, we all have those downright terrible days at work. Once that excruciatingly painful conference call is finally over, you can always count on your co-workers to grab a drink (or 5?) to drown your sorrows.

Essentially, your friends will assure you that tomorrow will be a better day. Your work friends know that it won’t, so they cover the tab.

However, word of advice: Relax, but don’t let a fairly tame Thursday happy hour transgress into an apocalyptic shitshow. Some of us had to learn the hard way. #SayNoToFireball

2. Your group chats help you power through the day.

Whether it’s dishing the latest office gossip or sending important reminders about non-work related matters such as National Tequila Day, you can always count on quality entertainment. After all, amidst the endless meetings and pressing deadlines, it’s refreshing to throw in a bit of comic relief here and there.

When you attempt to explain funny work incidents to people outside of your work crew, they just don’t get it. For instance, I’ve gotten questioned on why the name of my group chat with co-workers is called “No Fish No Freedom.” Some things are better left unexplained.

3. You can truly relate to each other’s struggles, and in turn advise each other along the way.

You know how sometimes you will vent to somebody about a problem and they respond, “Yeah, I know what you mean” but you know they really don’t? Your co-workers ACTUALLY know what you mean because there’s a good chance that they were in the same position not too long ago.

Your work friends are the best people to confide in because they can provide valuable advice. You’ll not only appreciate their mentorship in the moment, but will also be able to consistently apply this knowledge as your career continues to develop.

4. You know so much about each other it’s borderline creepy.

Because you see them every day, it’s inevitable that you will start to learn everything about them. From their nervous habits to the foods they can’t stand, you’re pretty much dating all of them at once. Plus, stalking each other’s Outlook calendars on a regular basis isn’t the slightest bit invasive – it’s highly encouraged.

5. Your conversations are meaningful, and can help you view things in a different light.

Even if some of your coworkers are the polar opposite of you personality-wise, it’s likely that you will find at least one person who you will really click with. While age does have an impact on friendship level, you may be surprised at how you can connect with people you never thought you would. The office dynamic is a perfect opportunity to gain new perspectives, whether it’s related to your work life or personal matters.

6. They have seen you at your best – and your absolute worst.

Your coworker was just a cube away when you found out you got promoted, and also when you burst into tears after that client call that took a very wrong turn. Although our jobs don’t define who we are as people, it’s no secret that they have a large role in our daily lives. Your co-workers are there through the good times and the bad – and it’s an unspoken agreement that you reciprocate the support.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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