5 Very Real Struggles Of Being A Girl With A Best Guy Friend


It’s no secret that having a best guy friend has its obvious perks. He is there to provide the brutally honest answer you truly need when it comes to your dating dilemmas (while your best girl friend is giving you false hope by insisting, “He’s probably just SO busy at work. He’s definitely going to text you”). Plus, you can also always count on him to diligently swoop in and protect you from creeps at the bar by pretending to be your boyfriend.

However, there are also several struggles that come along with this. Here are 5 problems that every girl with a best guy has faced at some point or another:

1. Everyone thinks you’re dating – or that one of you is secretly madly in love with the other.

Unfortunately, since girls are the ones who are more likely to feel some type of way in this situation, you are typically accused of being the one with the “secret crush.” I’ve personally had girls show interest in my best guy friend while we’re out, but then pause and ask him if he’s sure that I would be okay with it.

Sometimes, they’ll even pull me aside and ask me personally. “Are you sure you don’t mind if I go home with him? I know you guys are close.”

My response is usually something along the lines of: “We’re close in a brother-sister type of way. Please go before he finds someone new to take hostage.” (Side note: My best friend is kind of a man whore.)

2. Your boyfriend will get weirdly intimidated, even though there is clearly nothing going on between you two.

“So what you’re saying is….you’ve never hooked up with him? Even drunk? I won’t care. Just tell me.”

3. You have been told countless times that you guys are going to end up together.

Your friends are half-kidding when they say this, but actually not at all. They have a philosophy that you two are going to date around, not click with anyone, and then eventually find your way into each other’s arms and live happily ever after.

You’ve almost considered it at one point, just because of how well you guys get along and how comfortable you are with each other. But that’s just it – you are TOO comfortable with each other. The thought of actually being romantically involved is laughable, at best.

4. He’ll tell you what you don’t want to hear – but really need to.

Guys know how other guys think, so he’s your best bet when it comes to asking his opinion on a situation. Although you are grateful to have him to confirm your suspicions that a guy is sketch, it is difficult when you know that he’s right but don’t necessarily want him to be.

Needless to say, many of the times I’ve reached out to my best friend and received the answer that I knew deep down I needed but was stubbornly avoiding, my response is usually: “Ugh. I hate you. Thanks.”

5. You know everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – about each other.

You guys have seen each other at your absolute worst states of mind. All of your questionable decisions and mortifying moments have been ingrained in their minds (Or saved on their camera roll), and you won’t hesitate to bring these things up at random times. It’s impossible to truly offend each other, so it’s completely okay to call each other out for the shitshow you call your lives when it’s just the two of you.

Of course, when you throw other people into the mix, it can get a little tricky. There will be a slip-up here and there where someone will say something that wasn’t exactly common knowledge, and you make a mental note to kill them later.

Also, you’re going to inevitably embarrass the hell out of each other at your weddings. So whoever gets married first…just be prepared for a lot of explaining and apologies. Good luck!Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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