5 Texts That Girls Need To Stop Over-Analyzing


As women, most of us are guilty of over-analyzing things to no end. We convince ourselves that everything is a “sign” or has deeper meaning, when really it’s probably not that serious.

Here are 5 texts that girls need to stop driving themselves crazy over:

1. “I miss you” (from an ex-boyfriend, fling, spawn of satan, whatever).

Maybe he misses you – or maybe he just misses the butt. Whatever the case, there is no reason to drive yourself crazy over discovering a deeper meaning to this. It takes about two seconds to send the text, and it was most likely fueled by alcohol or boredom. Therefore, don’t immediately send a mass text to your girlfriends being like “LOL ” pretending you’re mocking him mercilessly, but secretly happy that he thought of you even in a likely disoriented state. Read the text and move on. If he means it, his actions will reflect that. Plain and simple.

2. “I had a good time last night/Tonight was fun/etc.”

First, you’re ecstatic. Since he took the time to mention that he enjoyed himself, this means that there’s definitely another date in the near future. But wait. What if he’s just saying that to make him seem like less of a dick when he promptly ghosts you? Ugh. *Googles “Things Girls Do On First Dates That Make You Seem Crazy”. Yep, he thinks I’m insane. Here, it’s best to just accept that he probably means it. Guys don’t play games the way girls do (they do from time to time, but they are usually not as carefully crafted as girls’ hidden agendas), so chances are, he probably just had a nice time and wanted you to know that. Accept that his intentions are probably good, and move on.

3. Any use of smileys/emojis.

First of all, if he’s a serial emoji user, you need to run. Fast. Because that’s just weird. However, it’s also completely unnecessary to overthink every smiley face he sends. Yes, he’s most likely flirting. Yes, a wink face typically means he wants to hook up with you. Once you catch yourself dwelling on the fact that his last text just said “that’s cool” with no added display of emotion, it’s time to snap out of it and remember that he’s a guy – and using too many smileys isn’t exactly a stellar display of his manhood.

4. “What are you up to?”

The reason why you are so initially confused is because you don’t know his motives behind the question. Maybe he’s just asking to keep the conversation going, or maybe he’s leading up to asking you to hang out. Either way, one thing
is certain – you’re not telling him what you’re actually doing (Binge watching Gossip Girl and stuffing your face), but instead responding vaguely “Not much, just hanging out. What about you?” You start scanning your brain for what his reasoning could be for this message, and begin to tear up your closet finding the perfect outfit for your inevitable date. You’ll likely be devastated when he either doesn’t move forward with pursuing you, or asks you to “Netflix & chill”.

Therefore, it’s always best to keep your expectations low – so you’ll be pleasantly surprised when the outcome is favorable.

5. “Can I ask you a question?”

Oh god. As you prepare to defend yourself with “IT WAS ONE TIME” a la Mean Girls, it’ll probably turn out that the question was “Do you like seafood?” I mean, it’s happened to me. Often when you receive this type of cryptic text, your heart will drop as you psych yourself out over the idea that he’s going to ask you some super-intense question. To be fair, sometimes the question does end up being overtly forward, awkward, or a dealbreaker. (Ex. “Do you consider yourself a sexual person?” after you just met.) However, at least it will solidify the fact that you shouldn’t have ignored the red flags that he’s actually a creep.

More often than not, texting with the opposite sex always becomes more complicated than it needs to. People say things they wouldn’t be comfortable enough to say in person, and seemingly innocent messages get viewed the wrong way. The best advice is to stop attempting to find a hidden meaning behind every message a guy sends. Also, the next time you claim that guys are “sooo confusing”, let’s not forget that you also purposely wait a certain amount of time before responding just to keep him hanging. Oh, modern love.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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