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Mayla Wind
Mayla Wind

Ever since I was a kid, I didn’t fit in. I always felt the need to please others, even if they didn’t respect who I was. But the truth was they couldn’t respect me because they knew I was a misfit.

So what does it mean to be a misfit? Now the truth is, it took me a long time to figure that out. I remember I was sitting on my therapist’s sofa, cold as tears streamed down my face when it came to me.

You see, we are misfits because we feel as if we are not understood. That the world doesn’t get why we are the way we are.

I have been a misfit my whole life and I still am. I see the world through a different set of lenses that alters the way I act and feel towards people, life, and situations. My passions revolve around theories and understanding humanity better. My world is either black or white and I have no gray.

From a young age I started to think I was cursed since I didn’t perceive life the way I should. Due to that, I was bullied for years. It was clear i was an odd child — my “fun time” after school was watching the weather channel for hours and having a best friend named Donkey, my bunny. My siblings and I are about 9 years apart, meaning I grew up mostly being on my own. I soon realized, I only found peace in drawing, reading, or writing.

College was when I finally accepted the truth. And that’s when it finally clicked that I was blessed to be able to see the world the way I saw it through my true, colorful perception. I got to see the beauty behind the imperfections of myself. Self-acceptance is very long and brutal process that requires soul searching and a lot of time exploring through traveling, writing, photography, and human interaction.

I spent most of my life battling the idea that being different is not a curse. I know now that misfits, we are rare and are here for a purpose – to share what we know and what we feel to the rest of the world and help them understand what we see.

As misfits, we are on journey to find a home and feel acceptance. Since we don’t just fit in anywhere, it takes a special kind of place for us to feel at home. For some that place is a person. Home is a person where you can share every part of your soul, the deepest darkest parts of it; and still feel safe, accepted, and of course understood. But home can also be a hobby, a group or club, or even a place that defines who you are.

Always remember, every misfit has a home they belong to.
And even in this big world, you are never alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I love cheap SF iced coffee and bunnies. Studying human interaction, Twitter ranting, crying while reading RM Drake, and listening to flume are my favorite things to do when I’m not being a wolf on wall street.

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