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This Is How Your Relationship Will End

You love each other, yes, but it’s dying. It’s dying quietly, drowning in a festering discontent. Chipping away, moving forth; realizing your inherent desire to be alone. Your need to have nothing.

Why We Let Our Hearts Break

I’ve always found the notion of a “broken heart” to be slightly misleading. For starters – and to point out the obvious – your heart doesn’t actually ‘break’.

5 Ways The iPhone Killed Romance

There’s nothing nearly as sentimental or romantic about hitting ‘like’ on a Valencia-filtered holiday snap. Sorry. There just isn’t. 

Not Everyone Falls In Love

While nobody likes to say it out loud, most of us understand, somewhere deep down, that neither notions are grounded in any kind of certainty. Yet on the subject of love, we seem to collectively abandon our common sense and soldier on, perpetuating the belief that it is.