This Is Why We’ll Never Be Together


There was still a tiny bit of hope left in me thinking that one day, we would patch things up, but I know now that I’m living in my own fantasy, a fantasy that’s kept me from facing reality, which is that we’ll never be together.

Though you and I will never be together, you’ll always hold a special place in my heart. I always knew that you were there for me and that you cared, but to ask the question “why” is something I will never dare. Unfortunately, you weren’t in love with me. You were in love with your dreams and passion – dreams that I was never part of and will never be.

I was the girl who waited, understood, and never left you. I knew you and your ways, often much better than you understood yourself.

I saw the real “you” that you didn’t wish to see or weren’t able to see. I understood you at your deepest and lowest levels, but I guess that wasn’t enough for you to include me in your dreams. Though, I wanted to wait. I wanted to wait for you to be “ready”, so that maybe, just maybe we would end up together and together, we would build our dreams and help each other grow.

To be honest, I felt like I’ve already known you for a lifetime, or perhaps even from a previous lifetime because you made me feel like home even if you didn’t feel the same way.

I know I wasn’t the one for you even if deep down, I wanted to be that person. 

At this very moment, I know you didn’t feel just right with me, so chances are that we were wrong for each other.

Because one day while you’re building your hopes and dreams, you’re gonna meet someone who’s going to make you choose her over your busy schedules. This girl will make you feel like “she’s the one” to the point wherein you no longer care about me and your past – and maybe she’s going to be the reason why we’ll never be together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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