11 Things You Should Start Doing Now If You Want This Decade To Be The Best One Yet

1. Romanticize your life.

Imagine your life as languid movie scenes. See the mornings in technicolour lighting. Feel the way that the wind whispers sweet nothings onto your skin. Crave for firework moments and night lights dancing. Thank the moon for rising and watching. Life is so much more than the chaos and madness—it’s about all the beauty within.

2. Believe in the signs that come your way.

There is no reason for a person to come into your life when they didn’t need to. There is no reason for things to fall into place when there were no expectations for it to. There is no reason for the way that certain stories, people, and art make their way into your heart without caution or explanation. There is no reason for a love long left behind to still stay by your side, forthright and true. Or maybe there is.

3. Travel, travel, travel.

Listen to the world speak. Watch big cities shine their lights for you. Hear the calling of islands sing cathartic lullabies to you. Take it all in, and let life guide you on the course that it is waking.

4. Be curious.

Be interested. Be artistic. Never stop wondering. Never stop dreaming. Never stop trying. Never stop falling in love with yourself. The world is your oyster.

5. Learn more about balance.

Balance is everything. Too much work will burn you. Too much play will derail you. Too much time gets you bored. Too much wine is never enough. Find a place for love. Find a place for joy. Find a place for friendships and good hearts. Create your own balance.

6. Stop taking your loved ones for granted.

All you need is somebody in this life. Never push away the people who love you; never take them for granted. Time is short, distance is long. Let’s not spend time keeping distance with each other.

7. Be open to learning.

New languages, new classes, new hobbies, and new people. This open door will lead you through portals of different worlds in which you may be surprised to meet yourself standing on the other end.

8. Set the tone to your ideal fantastical life, and live your life as if it’s the best one you already have.

More wine. More cozy nights. More family time. More candlelights. More holiday shopping. More autumn cold breezes. More perfect timings. More joy, sunsets, and heavenly, good love.

9. Be your brightest self.

Do not be afraid of standing out—the best you can be will never blind you. The light that you are is made to be shed onto others. It’s time to shine. It’s time to glow.

10. Be adventurous.

Try new things you’ve never tried. Do new things you haven’t done. Love new things you haven’t loved. Give yourself the luxury of a whole new world outside your own.

11. Love yourself.

Love your curves. Love your curls. Love your pride and your mind. Let the daylight kiss your face. Let the wine bathe your skin. Protect the things you hold near. Protect your heart and the way it beats, as it’s the only thing truly yours to keep. Find joy, peace, and bliss in the things that you love, because you are what you love.

In love with poetry, people and the grand idea of being in love.

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