This Is How You’re Destined To Love, Based On Your Life Path Number

“I am not a number, I am a free man.” Couldn’t we agree more. But when it comes to native traits that you be carrying along the bumpy road called life, the Life Path Number is that basic math we all wish we had done in school: calculating your birth date and having it reduced to a digit.

Basically, add the month, the day, and the year together and arrive at a total by reducing the number to a singer digit. TA-DADA-DAAA!

In numerology, your life path number indicates what your pain purpose in this life is, what are your good mojo’s, and what are your bad mojo’s, obstacles, challenges, mainly how your set your Monopoly Life Board through life.

Here’s how you find your Life Path Number:

Example: December 20, 1990
December is the 12th month
Add 2+1=3
The day of birth is 20
Add 2+0=2
The year of birth is 1990
Add 1+9+9+0=19 and 9+1=10 and again 1+0= 1
Now, add them together and keep your fingers crossed with excitement.
The Life Path number is 6. Cin-cin!

Life Path Number 1

You have a way of finding the one, and isn’t that a bit amusing? When you’re a one, you have the tendency to look straight in the crowd and find exactly what you want, whom you want, and what you have always wanted. The challenge is not finding, but keeping. Finder’s keepers? You are not made for that, you always seek for new love and lucky for you, it’s always there waiting patiently in line.

Life Path Number 2

You are a hopeless romantic that requires a lot of tact and diplomacy, and in most cases it’s totally worth the ride – this goes for all of you out there who want to date a two. How you are destined to love? Transport yourself into the most romantic of scenes, where you can relax and leave all the spoiling to your lover. Can you imagine The Spa of Love? That’s exactly where you are and where you want to be.

Life Path Number 3

You are in search for all that is extroverted, fun, and smart. Some may say you are picky, but you just know your standards. And, boy, oh, boy, don’t you know your standards. Your specials someone has got to know how to keep that conversation going, and going, and going, and going, and gong, and going, and going. And going. And if you want that to become sex, and sex to become love, you’ve got to tell them one thing: keep on going, baby.

Life Path Number 4

When it comes to long-term commitment, four’s are those who stand solid s a rock. You know, like through fire, ice, storm, volcanoes, babies, rough sex, nice sex, exciting sex, boring sex, hurricanes, and Lionel Richie. If you are a four, you look for the person whom to rule a kingdom with, even if that person could slightly become boring at times. You are destined to seek for devotion and devotion to seek you.

Life Path Number 5

This is never easy. The most sensuous of all numbers is the five: original, seductive, and always memorable. You are never willing to show your vulnerability to anyone, but you are willing to have everyone at your feet. If you are a five, what you are destined for is conquering and having a great time. Just try not to seek and destroy because there’s also something you have got to reach out, and that’s not faith, it’s karma. And we all know she can be a bitch!

Life Path Number 6

The power of a six is described by a series of words. Warmth. Tenderness. Melting insecurities. Although you like your comfort zone, what usually comes right at you is exactly the opposite. The thrill that beats the sh*t out of the chill pill. You will be challenged to show your feelings, to jump into that rollercoaster and not be afraid to love. Rock the cradle of love? You can’t fake it, all you can do is make it.

Life Path Number 7

You guard your connections with people carefully. Therefore, if you are on a mission to find love, you have an easy time recognizing deception. You are a very charming individual and that makes  partners come to you as a magnet, although you are not really social. Don’t rush, that’s your lesson in this life. You are destined to love quietly and patiently.

Life Path Number 8

Hello there, ruler! You entered this life to govern and organize. You know What that means when it comes to love, right? Dominating all the way! For some of you it might be quote easy to pull that latex and go around all bossy and cocky, but for the other half out there, you just need to learn it – and that’s your greatest challenge. You need to put a bit more effort into showing your emotions, without having them suppressed anymore.

Life Path Number 9

You could make drama the most watchable series of all time.  You possess an extreme need for attention and when you don’t get it, Godzilla gets back on screen. This time in a more flattering shape. This number will show you that even if you are born for drama, you will be rewarded with generosity and artistic sensibility to compensate all those cracks in the walls. Because of your demanding nature, try not to reject the good that comes along the way.

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