Stay Single Until You Find A Love Like This


True love is pure, and also passionate, feisty, bursting with colour; flaming, charmy, irrational, like a mosaic, made of patches of who we are, made of darker shades of former love stories and lighter ribbons of overwhelming new feelings.

Stay pure at heart in your bewildered loneliness, because while it cripples and empowers you at the same time, it’s the funnel through which you grow, develop your mind, your senses and understand that true love will never feel like betrayal, loss and abandon.

True, unadulterated love blossoms like cherry trees in winter, bursting flowery bouquets in a rough harmony of pastels and scents.

Stay strong in your fears and anxieties, because courage does not mean the absence of fear, but the power to stand up, go on and never stop trying to get a hold of your dreams, in spite of everything people say or regardless of how others will judge you.
True, comforting love is a blanket we put on our back to keep the mind warm and to fire up the insides of the heart

Stay faithful in your journey towards love, because God has a plan for you and He is not forgetful of your prayers. Stay single until you find a love that is so divine, powerful and healing that it resembles the love you are granted from your Lord.

Stay patient in your quest for love, because when it will storm in your life it won’t feel like a tsunami, but it will bear the gentle breeze of consolation and the purity of a beloved memory from childhood. Stay true to your heart and soul, and do not let your heart sink over reason, because this kind of love doesn’t need saving, it’s not cruel, nor will it bring the worst of you.

True, dedicated love is the mixtapes he made for you in college, and the nights when he holds you close and kisses your forehead with gentle, reassuring promises that you are not alone.

It’s the fringes of whatever we become, meeting the fringes of whatever HE or SHE, our beloved, is.

It’s steps, milestones, land marks on the wrist, one for every knot, all the way up to full length happiness.

Stay single until you find the kind of love that lifts you up in circles without threatening to break your wings.

Stay single until you will find a love that is not blinding, but one that will mend all your broken pieces and protect you from this cruel, harsh world.

Stay single until you find a love so gentle that all your fears, pains and anger will melt under the flame of two hearts that are meant for each other.

Stay single until you find a love worth fighting for every day for the rest of your life, that feels like an intimate, raw and soothing adventure you’ll want to wake up every morning to.

Stay single until you find a love that will challenge you to grow further, in harmony, without making you collapse under the burden of broken self esteem, soul injuries and threatening failure.

Stay single until you find a love that feels prodigious, because that’s the kind of love God would want you to live through. Stay single until you find a love that brings solace.

Stay single until you find a love that makes your entire being feel like they have reached home, because that is the kind of love that never goes out of style. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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