5 Struggles Only Highly Intelligent Girls Suffer From


1. They feel pressured to succeed no matter what

Intelligent girls tend to feel superior to other people. They are often brought up to have high standards and high expectations of themselves and others. They are less often told “You can do this” but rather “If you don’t do this…you will never succeed.” That statement clings to the back of their mind like a powerful, but sometimes toxic claw that brings them on the brink of exhaustion and burn out – just because they have to stand up to such sky rocketing standards/peer pressure.

2. They have a hard time making friends

When intelligent girls meet someone new, they ask witty, seemingly innocent questions that help them identify whether the person will qualify as worthy of their time and friendship. They invest a lot in interpersonal relationships and are capable of great amounts of empathy but their standards won’t just allow them to befriend anyone.

3. They suffer paralysis by analysis

Highly intelligent women are hyper aware and capable to consider all the aspects and facets of a problem, before carrying on with the decision process. Being so overly caught up in underlying details and thorough analysis can lead to ambivalence towards an issue. It is especially hard to knock down the problem with a one shot decision as all aspects they consider have their own relevance.

4. They feel inadequate most of the time

Often, overly intelligent girls have a hard time being the helping hand for all their peers’ troubles. While they posses great intellectual wit and the life experience to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes, they often wish they were left alone in their own solitude, instead of having to be the brain behind every action or project.

5. They find it harder to find happiness

Intelligent girls feel cursed by their intelligence. No matter how much they learn about the world and feelings, they will still feel trapped by existential tantrums and depression. Like artists, they will leave great marks in the world, but will always suffer from finding their own peace. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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