Read This To Your Boyfriend When The Two Of You Face A Relationship Crisis

When You And Your Boyfriend Don't Get Along
Bianca Des Jardins

I changed a lot and you changed a lot, my dear.

There is no appreciation, respect or real passion involved any more. Not even lust. In my dreams, we are still happy. In our sleep, we still hold each other till our breath stops, we still curl our arms around each others neck. Bodies don’t know our ache and at night they still react to the same chemistry that brought us together. They weren’t scarred, tired, beaten or hurt like our hearts have been. In the dark, I still love to rest my head under your chin and in this way, my ear is closer to your beating heart, and I can still hear a very distant “I am yours to keep”.

Do you remember us sitting in the dark drinking cheap champagne and laughing at each other’s bad jokes?

Or those times when we didn’t have a clue where life will bring us and we lived each moment entangled with each other, breathing, loving, feasting on such great heights of passion?

I know times get rough, my love, and that relationships never stay the same as when two people first connect to each other. But isn’t that the way life goes? We change every day, as individuals, we grow accustomed to each other as days go by, and we delve into more comfort despite our secret wishes to feel butterflies and hurricanes again.

Love changes, and sometimes not for the better, but with you, my dear, I have found so many reasons in myself to feel proud about, and so many amazing qualities in you to look up to.

I urge you to find the strength in your heart to reconnect to me. 

Tonight, I will light up candles and light up your heart once again, and hopefully we will burn all the bridges back to each other. We can dance to our favourite songs once again, or we can hit the road to our secret spot and watch the stars together in silence. We will laugh, and we will hold hands with no fear. We will cry, we will try.

I hope you find the courage in your heart to let your sadness go and your ego to make room for enchantment. I hope one day we look back to this moment and laugh, because time not only heals, time alters memories and only leaves the bad ones behind. I hope you find it within you to spend this time with me in silence and let your body come closer to mine once again.

Spend the next 48 hours with me, because I remember I know how to listen, and I know how to speak, and I know how to surrender, and I remember love making is emotion in motion. And I want to kiss your face, and tie your arms with mine, and feel your measures and your weight, my own body as a scale.

Spend the next 48 hours with me, because when I stop undressing, there will just be one last layer left, and I want to know you for who you really are, as the veil on my eyes will need to fall.

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