20 Reasons Why Strong, Sensitive Girls Attract Such Highly Manipulative, Narcissistic Men

  1. Narcissistic men look for someone who can listen to their struggles, show them compassion and take care of them, so they rely on your sensitivity and empathy to heal their never ending pitiful self talk.
  2. They want someone full of life and positive because draining the energy out of someone already depressed wouldn’t be exciting for them. You’re their youthful elixir.
  3. They thrive on your beauty and diligence and hope to take more power from you upon themselves. Narcissists are often highly charismatic characters and will go for equally influential partners instead of wasting their time with people whose minds they can’t twist.
  4. Strong women give narcissists a reason to compete and defeat their adversary. In this case, sadly, they make an adversary out of their lover.
  5. They want to have you in their bed, regardless of the consequences. They know girls like you don’t like games, so they’ll play the fake honesty card to get you started.
  6. They can smell you from the distance, and they will materialise in your life when you least expect it, be it in the shape of a charming co-worker, a flirty barista or a mysterious DJ in your favourite venue.
  7. They want to exert power over someone stronger than them, because someone stronger is always a threat to their shady ways.
  8. They want to be in control of sensitive souls, because they thrive on destroying and manipulating the good in a person into heavyweight.
  9. You make them feel insecure about themselves, so they might just want to seduce you for the sake of making another victim.
  10. You turn them on with your liveliness, intelligence and lust for adventure, qualities they wish they had in themselves (but never manage to).
  11. They are misogynists and can’t bear to see a girl like you radiate power, self confidence and knowledge. They feel you should be punished for having all those.
  12. They know deep down you have your own insecurities and face your own challenges. They will lure you into thinking you can cry on their shoulder but will turn stone cold whenever you actually need them.
  13. Strong, sensitive girls are the Holy Grail to manipulative men. They represent an opportunity for them to taste the great pleasures of life and also benefit from their skills, connections, contacts and financial stability. On the long run, they will drain you of life and resources.
  14. They want to own such women, because they want to be seen with them socially and take great pride in having trophy partners.
  15. They want to make their previous partners jealous, so they aim at higher level women, without assuming they will necessarily love them or cherish them.
  16. They think girls like you can tame the psychopath lying inside them.
  17. They want to take advantage of someone smarter, stronger, more capable than them, so they will make you fall in love with them and soon afterwards make an effort to belittle you.
  18. They want to be with strong, independent women, and chase them like tigers, but lose their interest once they become involved.
  19. Powerful women are the forbidden fruit they crave for, because they can play sick psychological games on them.
  20. They want to steal your inner beauty, because manipulation is all about tricking a strong sensitive woman like you into believing she’s ugly, unworthy and unlovable. Run!

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