This Is How Love Will Find You In 2017, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Hey sexy! Ready for some frisky time in 2017? Your red-blooded sign may crave for a little more one on one action this year, and great news – chances are that it’s gonna be a match made in more than just Heaven. You normally strive to succeed in everything, Aries, and romance is not the sector to be lazy this year.

You just need to be careful to stay honest to your truest goals. Do you want to win a dating game or to actually play the game for as long as it takes to get you what you deserve? If emotional stability hasn’t been your win in 2016, this is a great time to lock up those commitment fears, analyze them in depth with a therapist and release them into creative energies that are meant to attract people who can complete you and not just compete with you.


Who doesn’t want a love affair that lasts forever? Probably just an Aquarius, but that’s not the case for you, bull. You will be hit by a love truck this year when you stop holding grudges on all the people you cut off from your life allegedly (but still secretly ruminate about), that you may still love even if you cross the street or hide each time you see them pass by.

When your grounded morals and insatiable romanticism make peace and give way to forgiveness. No one who keeps their heart guarded forever can stumble upon love easily again, Taurus, and you, of all signs know how to sport a sexy heart on your sleeve when the flirty feels come in.


Have you ever planted something in the garden of commitments, Gemini? Is there something you want to share about your hopes and dreams that is anchored in the concrete field of love? With you, life becomes a spectacular science of bouncing off clouds – but no wonder few could keep up with those aerial roots when all you crave to do is lift off. Man or woman needs an astronaut suit to navigate life with you, as you tend to reach sky high and abandon concrete things for idealistic targets.

Of course, that comes in with your spellbound package of seductiveness and makes you the kindred spirit for so many lovers, but it takes two to tango, even up in the air. Love finds you when you put one foot on the ground and make enough room in your flying saucer for a significant other to jump in. Gravity is not that bad, after all, it’s the reason we all walk the Earth and sometimes bump into loving, wonderful and nurturing souls that make any hot air balloon float at the perfect speed and height.


When you stop obsessively stalking your exes’ and their new SO’s social media profiles, and feeding yourself on the cruel intention of invading the past. Sometimes, in life, it’s good to let go, Cancer, and cleaning up the closet might turn out your most prolific resolution at the beginning of 2017. You love to time travel and spin back into the waters of what’s been and what hasn’t, but throwback Thursday pictures of you and your old crush won’t ever get you new grounds to conquer.

Instead of taking one step forward and three steps back, try to cut down on the excessively bad habits you ingrained into your love diet. Start an Instagram of your favourite resolutions (this way you can keep track of what your plans were and how you did follow them into the new year), enrol in a Vippassana camp mid-year to awaken your dormant senses or begin exploring your sensual side with a therapist who can help guide your love life into a magic carpet instead of a door mat.


Oh, fire fighter you! Ever wondered why the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way around? Of course not, because from your standing point, you are the centre of the universe and you feel entitled to all of the gravitating attention that exists. Mere mortals might love you for your sparkly, feisty nature at first but every hero becomes a bore when they make the same self-centred call for action, don’t they?

It’s good to stay in touch with your needs, Leo, but how about this year you try to bend your ears to other people’s voices as well? Compassion is a powerful asset, Leo, and in the cards of love it’s the ace. Instead of choosing my way or the highway tagline to guide you through a new year, make this journey a joint venture of feelings, fun, activities and shared experiences. Your big love might come out from a most unexpected place, the moment you silence your ego to receive all the attention and start spreading your own attention to what’s going on around you.


When you open your calendar for spontaneity. There’s always something to fix around the house and someone to please at work, and you can easily get sucked into other people’s schedules or agendas ending up neglecting your own, Virgo. This year, turn your tidiness away from your actual dressing room and onto your mental closet of capabilities.

Is there something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, like a super personal DIY project or a sabbatical you needed by all means? While your life might be all planned and packed until December, your inner artist may want to splurge into the careless fun of doing unpredictable things for at least one day at a time. Fuel that super personal feel with real connection, get some quality time with people you haven’t seen in a long time and embrace the unknown into getaways that will harvest your adventurous spirit. The best things in life, and so in love, always happen at the border between places and things.


Hey there life of the party, love is hard to choose when you have only so many projects and activities going on, inn’it? You shed starlight and charisma on everything you touch by your own nature, and your capacity to navigate mishaps from a high horse is your innate skill, but no wonder you have FOMO (fear of missing out) when your options come so many at one time. Instead of bargaining for time alone and space, try working on a schedule this year that allows you to fit love in the landscape without making it an endless game of speed dating.

Your heart knows what it wants, Libra, and more often than not, your dream girl or guy could be right under your nose and not waiting for you somewhere far over the rainbow. You’re a natural seducer, so next time you get distracted by a million things to do or see, take some time to actually reply to that text message from someone who showed genuine interest in you, invest yourself in meaningful conversation and let yourself surprised by the serendipity of falling for the stranger who reads you like an open book. Vulnerability may be hard to manage, but it’s your own chance at true love!


Does it look like vengeance brought you to a brighter place last year? We probably all know the answer so kick start 2017 with a proactive attitude towards romance. There is absolutely nothing more unsettling for a potential partner than sitting down with a person who boils in frustration and regret, and you know that, Scorpio. It’s time to roll down to the gym, burn some angst or maybe release some tension with a massage therapist.

Perhaps stimulate your senses with a slow house yoga class or train for the marathon. Either way, it will get you out of your stingy shell and put you back on track for the dating game. Feeling tired or resentful? Take this advice on how to reassemble your liveliness and desire for wanderlust and next time you go on a date take a deep breath each time you feel like pouring past relationship venom over dinner.


Fools rush in, Sag, but rushing out seems to be your specialty, mostly when it comes to the heart. Your fear of grounding yourself in a potential love affair is blocking your way into the real, fiery and potentially life changing partnership you are craving for. Leaving before the lights are up in a relationship might save you hurt and remorse with a partner that might have proved a terrible match, but what if you actually took the time to navigate the stages of a love bond one at a time instead of burning them all throughout the course of one week? There’s always another swipe right out there for you, but keeping your options always open does not necessarily mean you’re keeping your eyes on the current prize.

Your lust for life and passionate nature can successfully attract a match that will lure all your senses on the long run – only if you let it – and while some people aren’t meant to be tamed but designed to run until they find someone as strong to run along with, you might be cheating the finish line by always avoiding it. Running will always make you kick back into yourself, so this year – might as well just walk along a potential partner and let patience do its magic. Remember: build-up is sexy!


When was the last time you did something exclusively for yourself? Does it hurt even to try out a couple new things that don’t cost a lot of money at the beginning of this new year? How about participate more actively in the love life you’d want to enhance? Cozy is a nice way to start 2017 but sitting alone on the couch binge watching Netflix and not paying a single dime of attention to your looks won’t get you further than the economy store downstairs for more pizza and booze.

Capricorn, you need to invest in yourself if you want others to invest in you. Your favourite series won’t go anywhere and guess what, once you hit the road for some more exciting adventure and fun, you might actually have someone to share those tiny, comfortable experiences with. Think about it.


When you accept the fact that your need for personal space does not thrive on your fear of commitment. When you let your inner tortured artist love and let live without abandoning relationships just because the pain makes you create. The moment you understand you can be brave and independent and a seeker and still coexist in the loving arms of a person who sees you as their forever, that moment you will give yourself permission to stay in love without fearing you have to sacrifice your identity.


Your heart is a deep ocean of secrets, and that’s what makes people attracted to you in first place. You lure partners into your heavy waters, but sometimes the mystery needs a tad reveal to come through. 2017 is a good start to work on opening up and embracing the challenge to say YES more than saying maybe. Remember, any mermaid is just a fish without its charming song. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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