10 Creative Things To Do On Valentine’s Day That Will Bring The Two Of You Closer

Jordan Bauer
Jordan Bauer

1. Have a fondue evening together. This is romantic and also inexpensive. Buy a variety of cheese to melt for appetizers and entrees, and then buy different types of chocolates to melt for the desserts. This is fun and romantic all at once.

2. Create a romantic, citywide photo shoot.
If you have been meaning to capture a few photos of you and your significant other, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do so. Skip the costly photographer and pick a few of the most romantic spots in your city for an impromptu photo shoot. Taking cute pictures a the spot where the two of you met or at the restaurant where you made things official will bring back fond memories. Plus, you will have an assortment of sweet snapshots at the end of the day.

3. Make a modern-day mixtape.
Spend the evening away from dating apps like The Dating Lounge and instead craft one-of-a-kind playlists for each other. Actual mix-tapes might be a thing of yesteryear, but you still could put together a mix of your favorite tunes on a playlist on Itunes or Spotify. This is a nice idea for someone you are more casually dating because it’s thoughtful, inexpensive and will help the two of you learn more about each other.

4. Have a romantic movie night. Go ahead and choose a few old classics like An Affair to Remember or Crazy Stupid Love and hunker down for the evening. Don’t forget to pick up your favorites flavors of popcorn and some yummy snacks. Make sure you have a bottle of bubbly on hand and a soft blanket for cuddling.

5. Plan a scavenger hunt in your city to find romantic gifts and create the perfect Valentine’s Day. Turn Valentine’s Day into an adventure with a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Leave your beau with a list of things to do or find in each location. Better yet, turn it into date night prep as you swing by a chocolate shop for a budget-friendly dessert, a liquor store for your favorite vintage, and your local grocery store for ingredients to go. By the time you get home, you will have explored the city and collected everything you need for a romantic evening for two.

6. Plan a romantic evening at home.
If you want to keep things low key and avoid the hefty cost of prix fixe restaurant menus on Valentine’s Day, opt for a romantic night of cooking with your favorite music and a bubble bath at home instead. You and your s/o can prep your favorite meal together or divide and conquer with dinner and dessert. You will heat things up in the kitchen as you tease each other about cooking skills before enjoying a delicious meal together. Follow it up with a bubble bath surrounded by candles.

7. Have a game night.
When you have romance in mind but no pennies to spare, scrounge up whatever games you have lying around. Whether you spend a few hours playing your vintage collection of Monopoly and Life or battle it out on Words with Friends or Super Mario Galaxy, you will create a friendly competition that will spark the passion in the both of you.

8. Build a blanket fort.
In the middle of winter, cozy date nights are the key to a successful romance. Channel your child at heart by constructing an epic blanket fort with any sheets or throws you have. The bigger the better. Bonus points if you make multiple “rooms” in your fort.

9. Have an outdoor adventure.
Depending on what the weather is like come the 14th, bundle up and bring your sweetie outdoors for a winter wonderland experience. If it is snowing, spend the day building igloos and having an epic one-on-one snowball fight. If skies are clear, head to your local trails and hike together for an hour or two. Either way, you will get your blood rushing and your heart pumping, which is always good for romance.

10. Go on a walk down memory-lane town tour.
Pre-planned historic town tours in cities can be expensive, especially if you are on a budget this Valentine’s Day. Skip the tourist route and create your own history walk for you and your beau and make it be a walk down memory lane. You will have fun visiting significant spots around town and reminiscing about all you have shared together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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