10 Resolutions Every Single Girl Should Be Living This Year

joy elizabeth jaynes
joy elizabeth jaynes

1. Get rid of your booty call.

Many single women have that guy who they can text late at night for hooking up. I know this feels liberating and fun, but that guy is holding you back from meeting “your” guy. Women are much more apt to meet someone when they have no one romantic in their life. Get rid of him and allow yourself to be single and independent, so you can meet someone new.

2. Get rid of that sabotaging friend.

Every woman has that friend who has been in their life forever so even when that friend is plain awful, she can’t get rid of her. It’s time to get rid of her. If she is holding you back or sabotaging your chances for love, she is not a good friend. Purge.

3. Move to a new apartment.

You know how every year you think about moving or buying a home? Then, you don’t do it because you are worried you will meet a guy or get married and be stuck with a new home. Hold back no more. Statistics show that women who are proactive with their lives and do the things from which they have been refraining are more likely to meet “Him” than those who don’t. So… do it this year!

4. Try a new app.

Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, or The Dating Lounge, you should just join some dating app. Everyone is doing it. No more excuses about how private or how upscale you are. Just give a shot and see if you meet someone.

5. Switch gyms or workout places.

A lot of people meet people at the gym. However, your current gym that you have been frequenting for the past 4 years is a little stagnant for you. It’s time to switch it up; there are plenty of good gyms out there. Go find a new one.

6. Accept one new invitation a week.

I advice every single woman to listen to what my grandmother told me when I was growing up, “If you get invited, you go because you never know who you are going to meet.” These are words I live by. You should as well.

7. Tell your meddling relative to mind their own business.

You know you have wanted to do this for quite some time. Tell your Aunt (mother, sister or grandmother, etc) to stop asking about your dating life. Tell her it makes you feel like crap. And promise her, with your fingers crossed behind your back, that she will be the first one you tell when you meet “Him.” This will help you feel better about yourself which, in turn, will help you meet a guy.

8. Reconnect with a social old friend and ask if he or she knows someone for you.

With the advent of Facebook, everyone is reconnecting with friends of the past. It’s all the rage and super easy to do, so you have no excuses. And once you reconnect, ASK ASK ASK if they know a guy for you; they bring a new crop to the table, so ask…

9. Revisit an ex if there is one who is still making you wonder.

If you have spent the past 5 years wondering about that guy you dated when the timing was wrong for you or him, then reach out.

10. Cross the line with your best guy friend.

This is advice I give a lot. If you have a best guy friend who is single and you have wondered if the two of you could be something, then stop wondering and go for it. I know you worry about “ruining the friendship” but wouldn’t it be nice if your best friend wound up being your husband? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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