7 Reasons Why ‘13 Reasons Why’ Is Ruined


1. The comments about it made under prejudiced judgment

13 Reasons Why itself is a critical series. It tackles bullying, depression, teenage suicide.

Among the people who have watched it, there are a lot of diverse reactions, disapproving comments, and proud ones.

Proud ones are the following:

“I’m so glad there’s finally a show that shows just how much social contact, in this case, the lack of it, affects a person. About how much these things, these degrading words can cause a person a certain degree of agony and self-loathe that may cause her to invalidate her self-worth.”

Disapproving ones:

13 Reasons Why is stupid. Hannah killed herself on her own choice, how is it the fault of others? She’s actually so cruel to put her death upon the shoulders of people who, for example, Ryan, who just published a simple poem? That is heavy and twisted? Hannah wed”

13 Reasons Why is so indie. I mean, just look at the way she sent the reasons, in FUCKING TAPES, like how retro is that. indie much?”

“The way 13 Reasons Why portrayed mental health is so stupid, it belittles the whole issue. Hannah is just a flirty motherfucker who has the worst taste in guys”

Did some make you cringe?

I know.

Though there is truth in every comment, I think people forget things sometimes, posting stuff online without thinking things through not realizing the gravity of their actions and how far out from the truth they are.

2. The people

It’s the people who watch it, claiming to care about mental health and all the issues it comes with, like depression, bullying and teenage suicide who don’t understand what they’re watching. They go around and post things on social media like they understand it, putting up criticisms like it’s their place.

Yeah, I understand that we are all entitled to our opinions, but if our opinions affect the universal understanding of a matter, maybe then it’s time we care about their said opinions.

3. The reason why it was written was undermined by said comments

For me, 13 Reasons Why is the brainchild of its author Jay Asher, as a way of showing that suicide isn’t only suicide. Suicide is something you end up choosing for yourself for the lack of other choices. I’m not a fan of suicide, there is no justification for it, I admit this. I like to think myself that taking your own life is not the only choice even when it seems so.

But some people are more fragile than me, I do not pretend to understand their feelings, the thoughts running through their head, but something or some things pushed them to that corner. There are things that happened to them, that were done to them that made them see one last resort and I think those things require the action of other people.

4. Mental Health is different for everyone

The thing about 13 Reasons Why and a lot of critical comments about it is because mental health is different for everyone. There are things to consider in every situation, the family status, friends, emotional stability, the amount of support one is getting, the circumstances in his/her life, one’s mental capacity, all those different things. Basically, there is no proper way to discourse and/or discuss mental health, you can’t put it in a box of rules and reasons and basis.

You can’t put the whole discourse of mental health in a show because its whole discourse, is life itself. One’s life’s differences are what makes his mental health issue different from another person’s.

13 Reasons Why showed us just a facet of it. The show itself cannot be used to be a basis for all mental health situations.

5. It is ruined by this generation’s humor.

Another reason why people take 13 Reasons Why lightly is because, ahem, of the fucking memes.

This generation is so fascinated by dark humor, see. They like to make fun of serious things, telling us that it’s just them trying to lighten the mood and the burden but what they don’t see, is that this kind of ‘fun’ that they do with 13 Reasons Why memes further undermines and makes fun of the shows ideals, what it wanted to show.

It sorta puts you in a state of mind like, ‘if it was that serious, then maybe people shouldn’t have made fun of it.’

6. It’s the people who claim to care about mental health themselves who make certain jokes about it

Need I say more?

People who claim to be edgy, yet fight you on the internet when you make fun of self-harm are actually the ones I see on my timeline who share these kind of memes making fun of 13 Reasons Why.

Ironic, don’t you think?

7. People who think it’s indie and unrealistic since the reasons were sent in TAPES.

Honestly? This was the worst one yet, first and foremost 13 Reasons Why is a book. A work of literature. I think its components and the things used in it were that because of the author’s judgment, hell, it’s his book. Write your own if you’re gonna be salty over the tapes, please don’t insult one’s brainchild.

Of all the things you can say about 13 Reasons Why, you complain about why it came in tapes… Really?

Please be nice to others, you don’t know what’s going on with their life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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