Everyone Has A Different Definition Of Happiness, And That’s Okay

We all come into this world a blank canvas. As we age and experience life, our mental picture slowly gets filled in. Precious memories splash color across our minds and expand our ways of thinking. We discover emotions through our innate abilities and the external world that surrounds us, and what makes us “happy” is an accumulation of internal reactions and the way they respond to our environmental teachings. This is why no two people are the same. This is why different religions exist, different perspectives on the same situation, and why sometimes it’s impossible to see eye to eye.

When one person’s idea of happiness is another person’s idea of stupidity, you begin to realize that happiness is nothing more than a subjective concept — an illusion of truth. Happiness is a mere fabrication. Although it may feel real, it’s ultimately elicited by a hormonal reaction based on our prior physical experiences, of which those experiences already had a predestined response founded upon by our genes. If we delve deep into the science of our own make-up, it becomes clear that what makes us “happy” is down to how we’re programmed, and that can be a tricky one to rewire.

This does have a flipside, though, which can prove both good and bad — emotions can be manipulated or molded. However, first we have to see a reason for us to change the way we react to things and the way we see things. There is nothing concrete about emotions. The only thing we ever have in our power is the ability to “control.” But if we are a slave to our own biology and our canvas is no longer blank, then a lot of strength and belief needs to be mustered in order to save ourselves from ourselves.

And yet, if everything we believe is based on a subjective truth, then how do we know we’re changing for the “right” reasons? How can we define what’s right and wrong when they can be deconstructed by society, humility, majority, minority, culture and history? All things that are mutable cannot be solid enough for definition. Therefore, we need to identify what is infinite in this world.

Maybe the only true thing in this life is that we exist. Albeit short, life is the longest thing we have, and during that time we will never be able to convince everyone to “understand” us. We will only ever be able to make some people see our level of reasoning. With this in mind, it seems sensible to surround yourself with people similar to yourself, and since you will naturally attract the company of those who are like-minded, this shouldn’t be too hard once you learn to let go.

Accepting the fact that not everyone thinks the same as you will free your spirit.

Happiness may be an ultimate goal of us all, but realizing that we all have different ways of attaining it will keep you calm.

Love is made and broken based on our state of mind. But you’ve got to remember that nothing is guaranteed. You cannot obtain inner-peace by communicating your beliefs with someone who refuses to see things from another perspective. Not being on the same wavelength as someone else doesn’t make you wrong, it just means that your truth isn’t shared by them.

Whenever you can, always try and communicate and leave yourself open to listening to others. Just keep in mind that you cannot control how other people think or feel — like they can’t change the way you do. But most importantly, do not get angry at the other person for being different. As hard as that might be, it’s not their fault.

Sometimes we have to agree to disagree.

Sometimes there’s nothing left to say.

Sometimes we just have to walk away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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