20 Things You Should Know Before Entering Your 20s


1. Love yourself

If you do not ever appreciate yourself, no one would. You can have as many friends, family members and amazing people around you but no one can love you as much as you love yourself.

2. Dare to make mistakes

You are not perfect. The people around you are not perfect as well. Embracing mistakes and learning from them makes you a better person. If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t growing up at all.

3. Not all of your friends are going to stick with you through the tough times, and that’s okay

People are temporary. Not everyone will stay with you. Some people leave because they refuse to accept whom you are when you show them your true self. As days, months and years go by, you will find better beings and forget those temporary friends even existed. Some friendships are like bus rides. They eventually come to an end. It’s crucial to know what you represent and how people will remember you ten years down the road. Be the best version of yourself.

4. Listen

If people take time out of their day to criticize, hear what they have to say. It can be something negative or positive. It must have made an impact on them. Criticism often means you’re doing something right.

5. Cry whenever you need to

It is all right to breakdown once in a while. Crying releases pain. You will feel much better crying over things than keeping things within.

6. Understand your purpose

You are born for a reason and you have a purpose to live. Know more about yourself. Know your passions. Know what your talents are. Know how to develop them. Grow and learn every single day.

7. Never settle for anything less than you deserve

Know your worth. There will be people out of your league. Surround yourself with people who help you grow. Be with someone whom will bring out the best out of you and you bring the best out of him as well.

8. Travel

The world is a beautiful place to explore. Travel alone or with a buddy. Appreciate the beauty of nature and keep an open mind. Travel with people you barely know. You can learn something about them. You will end up discovering something you never knew all these while.

9. Getting angry with people is pointless

7 billion earthlings. You will come across various personalities. Accept people for whom they are. You are precious. Your energy is contagious. Breathe and let go. Appreciate differences and know not everyone will be the way you can expect them to be.

10. Go to college because you want to, not because you are expected to

Time is short. Study and pursue something you would love to. You should not be wasting any of your time on something you don’t love doing. Do something your future self would be proud of. Study because you want to. Not because people tell you to.

11. Celebrate every little victory

Be it getting the best speaker award in a debate competition or accomplishing all your planned tasks for the week, go and celebrate. You deserve it.

12. You need to understand people’s pasts to understand their present

Ever wondered why people do things in a certain way and not the way you expected them to do so? Past experiences shape people to become who they are today. Never judge anyone for who they are today.

13. Prioritize standing out rather than fitting in

Trends are stupid. You are born to be different. Why bother trying to copy what people do when you can be outstanding?

14. Listen to other people’s opinions, but make up your own mind

Everyone has an opinion to share. People would give you opinions about what you do. Just stop and listen. Their opinions may not necessarily be for the betterment. But just listen. They will feel appreciated that you even bothered to hear what they have to say to you. At the end of the day, it is up to you whether you would let their opinions influence your decisions or not.

15. Try your best to live in the present

There is a reason why your past is YOUR PAST. Your years of history are filled with lessons. Bear them in mind and grow to become a better person. You can’t redo your past but you can always out do it and that will be how you will turn out to be the best version of yourself. Learn to let go of the misery of the past. Let go of things you can never ever change even if you wish to. Let go of persistent negative thoughts. Let go of people who do not add any value to your life anymore. Learn to live for yourself right now and not keep wondering of how you could have changed your past.

16. Grades aren’t everything

Your grades matter little with the way you lead life. Am not saying, grades are completely of little significance. Grades are important yes. But. GRADES ARE NEVER EVERYTHING. If you are achieving bad grades, no it is not okay, but what can you do? Nothing can change the bad grades that you already have. Tell yourself. You will do better in the next test. Next exam. Believe in yourself. Believing is already winning half the battle. Learn to ask for help and improve yourself. There is more to life than grades. Be kind to the people around you no matter how much you are going through. You will never know the difference you make in their lives.

17. Keep dreaming

Ever had an ambition that scared the hell out of you? GREAT! Keep your goals high. Who knows, one day you will do better in life than you ever expected yourself to.

18. Take care of yourself — get more sleep

Nope. Not the naps you have in between the entire day. A SOLID 8 to 9 HOURS OF SLEEP. Yes, your body and mind need the rest they deserve.

19. Party less

Parties are overrated. Spend more time on doing things that would build you up into a better person.

20. Remember: life is short

Life is a beautiful ride. It’s about the excitement, love, adventures that you never ever imagined you would have. Be it 20,21,22,30 never settle down . This is YOUR LIFE. Live it fully. Never listen to anyone who tells you start to settle down as you hit your 20s. Continue exploring and take your time to decide on crucial matters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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