The 5 Stages Of Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Stage 4: You Drive Each Other Crazy

He eats all of the ice cream you buy before you even get to eat any, unless you buy a flavor he hates, like Pistachio. But you’re stick of eating Pistachio! The move is not fun. The movers ripped you off and charged twice what they quoted you, saying you had more stuff than you said you did. He’s gone way over budget and there are still more things you need for the apartment. He wants things done slowly and over time. You want them done now. After all, you want the place looking spectacular for your housewarming party. You’re obsessed with these oddly shaped plates from CB2. He says he doesn’t like them because plates shouldn’t be oddly shaped. You buy them anyways. You want to use your new dishes, so you decide to do something you think couples who live together should do: Put on sexy lingerie, light candles and cook a delicious meal using an actual cookbook that you’ve never opened. It takes you 2 ½ hours and you’re miserable afterwards. He’s stuck at work and you don’t have a dishwasher yet so you leave the food and dishes out and sulk in the bedroom. He didn’t get TiVo so you missed another night of the Daily Show. This upsets you greatly. You don’t want to watch it online because you hate the online commercials, you scream! He tells you you’re too demanding. You don’t know why he’s so moody. You hang up on him. You go out with your best friend and stay at her place. The next morning you’re furious because he hasn’t called you. I can’t believe he isn’t worried about me, you think! How did you two get to this point? What is going to happen?


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