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The 5 Stages Of Moving In With Your Boyfriend

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Stage 1: You Think This Is A Great Idea

When you decide to move in with your boyfriend, you think this is a great idea. He thinks this is a great idea too. It feels like the next step. No big deal, you practically live at each other’s place anyways. You think about how you won’t need two yoga mats and two sets of makeup anymore. This makes you happy. Sure, you always said you wouldn’t live with a guy until you were engaged or married, but this just feels right. He makes you a better person. You’re in love. You’re also sick of lugging that goddamn overnight duffle bag back and forth on the L Train.

You insist on getting a new place together because you read an article somewhere that said it was a terrible idea to move into a man’s apartment. They’re territorial or something. But after looking at apartments for two days, you agree to move into his Williamsburg loft. Fuck apartment shopping. You’d rather be stuck in Times Square with a thousand tourists in that Forever 21 that burns your eyeballs with its fluorescent lights than apartment shop.

You subtly announce that you and your boyfriend are moving in together to your best friend the next day. You anticipate a gasp. She shrieks! You’ve revealed the most exciting gossip for her to share with the rest of the friends in your group. You like being the center of attention. It feels good. You are happy you don’t have to compete with them over hot boys at bars anymore. This is great!


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    • NoSexCity

      Why is this depressing? Why do I want to cry? Dammit.

    • David T.

      I moved in with my boyfriend yesterday, for the 2nd time since we started dating 5 years ago, broke up, and got back together. First time was a lot like this. Second time will be much better. 

    • Anonymous Hippo

      oh.. he’s suppose to be the one buying all the furniture? 

    • Nicole

      You forgot the “Repeat Forever” stage.

    • Dan

      Haha, I dived straight in without reading the header and assumed the writer was a woman. Nothing in the text gave me a clue that this wasn’t the case.


      • Guest

        Ryan is a woman.

        • Dan


    • Prettymisanthrope

      This just sounds like two immature people that are not ready to cohabitate.  Moving in is really not that hard if you have a good foundation of respect and communication.

      • Guest

        Hows the bf in this scenario immature?

        • Angela

          Ummmm he leaves ice cream out on the counter and change everywhere?? 

    • Katy Murphy

      this makes me want to puke rainbows.

    • MichelinaNeverland

      This is all [exactly] how it goes.

    • Kevin Kelly Kenkel

      this should be retitled to “The 5 Stages of Moving In With Your Boyfriend… If You’re a Bitch.”

      • Briana

        “You don’t want to watch it online because you hate the online commercials, you scream! “

    • Briana

      I just moved in with my fuck-buddy/bff.

      LOL WUT

    • Bows_and_smiles

      I really liked this even though I’m not in a relationship. Pictured it like a short movie sequence. Boyfriend sounds adorable, and the apartment space sounds really nice. #sojealous

    • Guest

      Here’s how to move in with your boyfriend or anyone else for that matter, if you’re cheap and totally easy to get.

    • Rachel Butters Scotch

      “How to be passive aggressive and get everything you want: Moving in edition.”

    • Rachel

      God I want a puppy.

    • Lia

      It must be nice and also depressing to have a boyfriend who convinces you to move in with him by spending thousands of dollars on stupid things that only YOU want for your SHARED space.

    • Samplified

      OMG this is my life right now. Plus we were in NYC a week and THEN both of us wound up sick two days after for the actual move. Thank you.

    • Kali

      Wow I can relate to the thought process, L train and everything. No puppies or expensive furniture for me though

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