70 Things I Learned In My 20s


1. Apartment living robs you. Renting a small house with the girls is the way to go.

2. Wine > vodka.

3. Leggings = life made.

4. Roommates are great to try recipes out on.

5. Disney movies will never get old.

6. Cheaters are not worth it.

7. Go the speed limit. Tickets are the worst.

8. Sometimes all you need is ice-cream or pizza.

9. Your friends were there for you before the boyfriend.

10. Tell your family you love them as much as possible.

11. Drinking & driving is not worth it.

12. Mexican hole-in-the-wall restaurants have the best margaritas.

13. You’ll fail a couple of times. It’s okay, I promise.

14. If you need help with money, ask, don’t continue to struggle.

15. Not everyone is going to like you.

16. Men’s razors work better.

17. Vote, but know exactly what you’re voting for.

18. When you need guidance, read your Bible.

19. If you think a dress is too short, it is.

20. Bubble baths aren’t just for toddlers.

21. Nanny or babysit regularly, it’s great practice.

22. You can never have too many shoes.

23. Stand up for your beliefs. They’re not stupid.

24. Sometimes you just need to cry.

25. Watch the news, read a blog, learn about the world.

26. Traveling is the best money you can spend.

27. Drink at least 2 glasses of water before going to bed if you were drinking.

28. Love is patient. Love is kind.

29. Being a bridesmaid is expensive. Save.

30. Exercise. Your health is everything.

31. If he cares, he’ll call.

32. Not everyone needs to know what you’re doing on Facebook.

33. Nude heels go with everything.

34. Wait to get a dog, they’re a lot of work.

35. Wait to have kids.

36. Use sunscreen. Sunspots and wrinkly skin isn’t worth a temporary tan.

37. Moisturize!

38. Sleepy time tea before bed… it’s surprisingly nice and relaxing.

39. Get in the best shape of your life — you’re in your prime!

40. Life is just better with coffee.

41. Set goals and actually try to reach them.

42. Smile more.

43. Judge less.

44. Compliment the beauty in others.

45. Nagging pushes you further away from those you actually care about.

46. Nice guys > Jerks

47. Never lose touch with your siblings and cousins.

48. Remember to call mom, but don’t forget to call dad.

49. Do something for others.  Tithe, volunteer, give a gift to someone in need…

50. Being single isn’t the worst thing in the world.

51. Guys HATE high-waisted jean shorts.

52. My mom was right… about everything.

53. Whattaburger’s honey butter chicken biscuits are the best food after a night of drinking.

54. Treat others how you’d like to be treated.

55. Set your alarm, and actually get up.

56. The real world can be really mean.

57. Crafting soothes the soul.

58. Dance… who cares if you “can’t.”

59. God’s timing is perfect.

60. Put your phone down and live a little.

61. Forgive.

62. Spoil yourself with new lingerie.

63. Duck face is not cute.

64. Remember to take pictures.

65. College was made for finding bridesmaids.

66. Exes typically always want you back…eventually.

67. Exes are NOT worth taking back.

68. You’re only in your 20s for 10 years.

69. Men love classy ladies.

70. Glorify God… live to make Him happy. TC Mark

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