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Don’t Let Love Slip Away Just Because You Don’t Think You’re Ready

I shouldn’t have let go of you. I thought that I needed to be completely ready in order to be with you, but turns out this is not how things go. You become ready with the person you want to be with. You don’t let go of someone you love because you think that you need to fix yourself first before being with them.

You work on yourself while you’re in the relationship. Because guess what? We all need to work on ourselves regarding something — this is a never-ending thing. If everyone waited to be perfect in order to be with their significant other, no one would end up with the person they love.

People aren’t always going to be there waiting for you to work on yourself and fix yourself up and then see if you can someday be with them. If what you think needs fixing isn’t so drastic and isn’t harmful to anyone around you, then work on it with your partner. Don’t push them away — let them be part of the solution and engage them in your healing journey.

If you think you can’t be with someone unless you figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life, then why not try to figure all that out with them? Why can’t you let someone you love help you out? Why do you think that they might hinder the process of you figuring yourself out instead of actually helping you out?

Love doesn’t stand in the way of you figuring out your way in life. Being in a relationship doesn’t hinder your process of growing or your process of healing or your process of dealing with something that’s going on with you — the right kind of relationship actually helps you out along the way.

Many people perceive relationships as an obstacle along the way of becoming what they should be. They think it’s a huge distraction during their journey of figuring out themselves and their life, but it’s not. Relationships should be helping you out with all this and ease your way during this journey.

If you’re waiting to be ready and have it all together and all figured out in order for you to be able to be with someone, then you’ll never be ready. You won’t be able to be with someone you love or someone you want to be with if you keep thinking this way. Please, don’t let someone you love slip away from your hands because you think that you’re not ready enough to be with them. Instead, let them in. Let them help you and let them be part of your journey.

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