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This Is What Happens When You Meet The Right Person

This is what happens when you meet the right person: You throw that checklist you had of the perfect partner in the nearest trash can. Because literally, you don’t care if the person you’re with right now gets a 10/10 on your checklist or even a 9 or an 8 or any other number — you just want to be with them because it feels so right. You don’t care if they don’t have all the qualities and traits you thought you’d want in a person, because you feel like they are perfect for you just the way they are.

You stop comparing them to anyone else. You stop comparing them to your ex or anyone who liked you before or anyone you’ve liked before or any other person in general, because it’s just pointless. You acknowledge their flaws but still know that these flaws are not a deal breaker for you—you perceive these flaws as normal and something that you can accept.

It feels right, and that’s one of the most important feelings you get to experience. You don’t find it hard to explain yourself to them. You both understand each other so easily. You feel like yourself with them. You feel like you don’t have to be anyone else or say things that are unlike you or pretend to be someone you’re not while you’re with them. You speak so freely — you feel like you don’t need to filter your words around them because you’re not scared of being misunderstood.

You feel connected soulfully and mentally. The idea of getting back home to this person excites you and makes you feel so happy. You feel at peace when you’re around them and you feel safe. You feel like you can talk to them about anything. Because you feel like your partner is not just the person you love romantically, but the person you enjoy talking to and having conversations with the most.

You feel satisfied. You don’t feel like you need to look for more or search for anything else — you just feel like this is it. This is what you want and nothing more. Even if it wasn’t what you had in mind for the perfect partner, you still have such a feeling of fulfillment that will end all your cravings for anything more.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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