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Here’s Why It’s So Important To Learn Your Loved Ones’ Love Languages

I can’t begin to count how many times I have missed someone showing me that they loved me because I didn’t understand their love language. I kept waiting for so long for people to show me their love the way I expected them to. I didn’t understand that someone can sometimes show their love in a very different way than how I show mine and that it doesn’t make it any less, it’s just how things are. We are all different — we all showcase our love in certain ways. And we don’t need to do it just like each other. Each and every one of us have our own unique way of showing it.

The idea of you not taking the time to observe and understand the love language of the person in front of you can make you miss so many times that this person was telling you that they love you. If you keep waiting for every single person you meet to showcase their love for you the same way you do it, you will never acknowledge how many people love you along the way or how many people have been doing so many things out of their love for you.

I think it’s an awful thing in this life to live it while not knowing how much the person in front of you truly loves you, just because they express their love way differently than you or because you don’t understand that this is their love language or that this is the way they express their love to you.

I have seen so many people give up on each other or not even take an initiative in the first place towards each other due to their lack of understanding each other’s love language. I have come to learn how important and crucial it’s in this life that we pay attention to how the person in front of us might be expressing their love, because to us it might seem like they are not expressing or showing anything, while in reality they are—just in their own way.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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