Read This When You Feel Like You Have Nothing Left To Give

Some days you will feel like you have absolutely nothing to give or offer to anyone. You will try to, and you might even force yourself to, but still you wouldn’t be able to give any more because you have nothing more to offer.

Sometimes the world can drain us. Sometimes we give so much to the people around us that we end up with absolutely nothing left. And that’s okay—it happens. And it means that you should stop trying to give people things you are not even capable of giving. Yes, sometimes you have to stop giving to others for some time. And this is not you being a selfish person or a bad person. This is you being a human.

When you feel this way, it means that you need to refill yourself so you feel full again. You can’t help anyone in this world if you are not taking care of yourself in the first place. You need to make sure that you are okay. You need to take some time to focus on yourself before trying to help anyone else.

Never beat yourself up or feel guilty for not being able to give what you are so used to giving people anymore. Know this: Sometimes you need time for yourself to feel like you again, to feel like you are whole again, and to feel like you are in a state to be there for someone else. But if you currently don’t feel this way, the best thing to do is to just be there for your own self and no one else.

Feeling this way is usually an indication that you have been giving more than you have been receiving or that you have been offering too much to the extent that you are left with nothing. This means that you need to reconsider how much you give out and try to develop this balance that doesn’t drain you so much or end up making you feel so empty.

Helping others and always being there for them is a really good thing to do, but don’t overdo it at the expense of yourself. Make sure that you include yourself in the equation. Make sure that you don’t completely wear yourself out in the process.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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