Make Sure You’re In Love With Him And Not Just The Way He Makes You Feel

Make sure you’re in love with him and not the way he makes you feel around him.

Make sure when you miss him that you actually miss him, that you actually miss details about him and not how he makes you feel around him.

Make sure that when you miss talking to him, you miss your conversations together, not the attention you get from him.

Make sure he’s not just filling some kind of void inside of you.

Make sure you’re not in a relationship just for the sake of not feeling lonely.

Make sure you are not throwing yourself constantly into meaningless relationships just to satisfy some emotional need that you have.

I hope that you become aware that sometimes we get ourselves into relationships just because they fulfill some craving while not realizing that we are not in it for the person that we are with.

I hope you find the courage to realize that you don’t need to be with someone to fill these empty parts in you and that you can work on yourself anytime, no matter how long it takes. You can fill these parts yourself without needing anyone to fill them for you.

Because when you think about it, you realize that you deserve so much more than this, and the person you’re with deserves much more than this too. You deserve to love fiercely, and he deserves to be loved for everything that he is. He deserves to be loved for all his details and personality traits, not just because he’s there to fill some gaps that you have.

And I hope when you feel ready, you will open your heart again and try to love with all that you’ve got — not out of neediness and not out of looking for a rescuer to fix you, but out of your entire love for every single detail of the person in front of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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