I Still Remember All The Little Things That Made Me Fall In Love With You

I don’t fall for extravagant things. I am not good at receiving gifts either. I think it is way easier to make someone swoon from surprises. I always thought that grand gestures were just part of the best foot forward strategy that men usually do.

I am just a simple girl who likes simple things. I like long walks and deep conversations. I like being in the moment and sharing what I feel openly with others. I like talking about my dreams and listening to other people’s passions.

I believe that those little things will stay longer—little consistent things that are effortlessly done. Little things that are perfect for the right moment. Just those little thoughtful things done out of love.

Little things mark deeper into someone’s heart.

Maybe that’s why I love you.

I remember the moment you smiled and approached me. You asked me where I’m from. It was casual yet very warm.

I remember the day you apologized because you were mean to me. It was a few days before you were about to embark on your journey to the other side of the world.

I remember when we were sitting under the stars, talking about aliens and zombies. There was a drunk guy giving us advice that we should travel more while we were young.

I remember each time you do not know how to compliment me when I looked beautiful.

I remember the day you told me that you liked me. I was a bit confused, because you started with “I don’t like you” and ended with “I like you.” It was funny, but we both knew it was the start of something new.

I remember the royal blue stone you gave me as a gift. It is my most cherished gift you’ve ever given me.

I remember every time you talked about your passion. There’s always a glow in your eyes that I will never get tired of.

I remember when you took just one bite of the doughnut because you knew that I would like the flavor. You were very thoughtful, as usual.

I remember all the little things—I remember it all.

And those little things are not little things at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Roneth Politud

Roneth is a dreamer guided by her wanderlust and curiosity.