There’s A Secret Living In Our Library’s Basement, And Only My Mom And I Know The Truth

My mom and I had worked out that the guardian didn’t seem to need much food, and that it mostly subsisted on sugar. As such, I figured another bag of Skittles would probably be sufficient.

I was so, so wrong. By the time the library closed for the day and it was time for me to read for the guardian – the book was The Hunchback of Notre Dame this time – I found the basement a massacre of candy wrappers. I stared at them all in disbelief – my God, the guardian had eaten everything.

My mom and I actually stayed overnight at the library that night, worried that perhaps the guardian had eaten itself sick. However, all was quiet and the guardian stayed safely tucked in its corner all night long. We decided that we were being too paranoid and went back to our usual routine the next day, although we began to spend significantly more money feeding our creature.

For a few more days, everything remained stable.

Then, one night, there was another… incident.



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