After Finding Out The Terrifying Truth Behind My Gym I’m Abandoning My New Year’s Resolution

After those two, the creatures became a blur. I ran down the tunnel, my eyes scanning all the horrors underneath that gym. Some had huge internal organs that had burst through the torso and were no longer so internal. Some had giant eyes pooling out of their head, twitching on the ground, staring up at me.

Some were still alive. Most were already dead.

I was probably only down there for two minutes, but that was enough. I scrambled out the tunnel and ran out of the gym, grabbing my bag on the way out so they wouldn’t know that I’d been there. I got into my car and sped home, without so much as a thought as to what I was supposed to do. Later, I thought about going back and trying to save them, but looking at them had already told me the truth.

They were beyond saving.



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