After Finding Out The Terrifying Truth Behind My Gym I’m Abandoning My New Year’s Resolution

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into when I walked into the gym on January 1st. To be honest, I was already feeling kind of defeated. After all, most people never keep their New Year’s resolutions. Actually, I myself rarely keep them. Wasn’t this all just an exercise in futility? Maybe I should just go home and give up before I embarrassed myself.

But no, I decided. I was going to try. At least for this first day. I had to.

First, I had to sign in at the front desk. The receptionist was a woman who was skinny like I was but had some definite musculature, and she looked… wow, she looked so happy. And my heart ached because I wanted to be like that.

“First time in a gym?” She asked as she was rummaging through her drawer looking for a card for me.

“Um… yeah,” I admitted, feeling a little foolish.

“Don’t worry,” she beamed at me, handing me my gym membership card. “I used to be just like you, actually. But then I started working out with this gym company and, believe me, everything got SO much better for me. You’re working with a trainer, right? Which one?”

“Someone named George.”

“Oh, I worked with George! You’re in for a real treat; he’s amazing and he won’t let you quit!” She smiled even wider, if that were possible, and waved me on through the doors.

That made me feel a lot better and I walked into the gym with a little more confidence, feeling as though, yes, I could actually do this.

That feeling flew out the window when I saw George.

The man was huge – I mean, really fucking huge. His muscles bulged out like balloons, but they looked about as hard as steel. He was bald and had hard eyes, despite their light blue color. Overall, he looked incredibly severe and intimidating. I was fairly certain that he could crush me with just two of his fingers.

Great, I thought to myself in misery. He’s gonna take one look at me and laugh at how pathetic I am.

Instead, he smiled at me, and it transformed him from a murderous-looking muscle monster to a friendly, almost sweet hulk of a man.



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